Design is an integral part of our everyday world. Whether you're a graphic designer or an interior designer, your job is to make the world a more beautiful and functional place. Your work isn't just about aesthetics, though. It's also a business.

Before you start a job, you want to provide your potential client with a detailed quote. You can create a basic quote using Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Excel. However, these don't look very professional.

Skynova's design quote template is an easy alternative. You can quickly personalize the template and send it directly to your potential client's email via the Skynova platform. If you prefer, you can download the quote as a printable PDF.

Use the free quote template alongside Skynova's invoice and accounting products, and you can simplify your administrative processes even further. By streamlining your paperwork, Skynova saves you time and gives you more freedom to focus on what you really love doing - design. If you're a designer, check out the template we've made below just for your business:

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How to Create a Design Quote

A detailed price quote lets you determine how much time, energy, and financial investment a design project will take. You can then determine what to charge your client accordingly.

Clients will appreciate the clarity that a quote brings. They will know upfront how much your services cost. There won't be any surprises when the invoice arrives. This also makes it easier for you to collect payment for your hard work.

No two quotes will be identical since details like the client name will vary between projects. However, all quotes should cover a few essential details. Skynova's quote template includes the most critical information. Just input the project details into the template, and you will quickly have a quote you can send to clients.

  1. Add Your Business and Client's Contact Information

    Your design quote needs to clearly address the sender and recipient. Enter your name, address, and contact information (phone and email) in the "From" field. Make sure to use a name the client will recognize.

    For example, you might communicate with clients using your first name, but your design business may be registered under a formal company name. Include the company name and then your name in parenthesis. Clients may discard the quote if they don't recognize the name.

    Enter your client's name, address, and contact details in the "To" field. Take care to differentiate whether you are working with a private or commercial client. This will determine whether to address the quote to an individual's name or a company name.

  2. Add a Logo Customized to Your Business

    As a designer, your work is all about appearances. A sleek, fitting logo helps to boost your brand credibility and professionalism. If you're a graphic designer creating a graphic design quote template, you can do your own logo. If you work in a different space, such as web design, you can hire someone to create a logo design that fits your company's brand message.

    You can incorporate this logo in all of your business documentation, including quotes, invoices, business cards, and more. Skynova lets you add logos to your design quote. Just upload the image file of your choice by clicking the logo customization option at the top of the quote template page.

  3. Create a Quote Number for the Design Project

    Every client quote you provide should have its own distinct identifying number. This lets you easily track potential orders. To add a quote number, click the customization option for "Quote #" at the top of the quote template page. Once your client has accepted the quote, you can automatically convert it into an invoice using Skynova's comprehensive platform.

  4. Include a Quote Date for the Design Project

    Dating your quotes is another way to ensure you can easily find the quote if you have to refer back to it. It generally makes the most sense to input the date that the quote is sent to the client as the official quote date.

  5. Enter the Cost of Your Design Supplies

    Depending on the type of design services you offer, you may incur costs for supplies. For example, if you're an interior designer redoing a living room, there will be expenses such as fabrics and furniture. Skynova's editable quote template lets you include such costs to ensure accurate service quotations.

    First, input a description of the supplies. Make sure to use language that your clients will understand. For example, don't simply say you need 6 yards of a certain fabric. Explain what the fabric is for (e.g., curtains) so that your clients know just what they're paying for. Then, input the individual unit price - in this instance, $10 per yard - and the quantity (6 yards). Skynova's price quote template automatically calculates the cost ($60) for you.

  6. Include the Cost of Your Labor (If Applicable)

    Some designers may choose to work on an hourly rate, while others work on a fixed-price basis. For example, if you are designing a letterhead, logo, or typography product, you might charge the client for an end product. However, if you are performing software or web design services, which are more complex and variable, you may prefer charging on an hourly basis.

    Whether you need a web design quotation charged hourly or a logo quote charged per product, Skynova's template can be adapted accordingly. For an hourly rate, put in the hourly cost of labor under "Unit Price" and the number of hours you anticipate needing to do the job under "Quantity." For a fixed price rate, select "Product" under the "Item" drop-down instead.

    Whichever option you choose, include a brief explanation of the work being done. Steer clear of technical terminology. For example, don't just mention JavaScript coding but explain that you are creating content for the client's website, such as home, about, and services pages.

  7. Apply Any Discounts Provided to the Client

    As a small business, you can nurture client loyalty and even win new clients by providing discounts. If you do provide a discount, make sure to note what it's for. You don't want people to get confused if they are charged two different rates for the same service on two different occasions. To input a discount, simply select "Discount" under the "Item" menu and then add a description, unit price, and quantity. The amount will be calculated and subtracted from the total.

  8. Add a Note About the Design Work and Providing Any Additional Information

    Whether you're completing a web design quotation or a graphic design quotation template, you may want to add information that isn't included in the above points. Skynova's "Notes" section makes it easy. You might add an anticipated timeline for a design project's completion, for example.

    This is also an opportunity to inject some personality into your quote. A sentence or two expressing your excitement to work on the project will assure the client of your passion and help close the deal.

Tips and Best Practices for Design Quotes

As a professional designer, our quote and invoice templates can help you speed up order and payment processing. That said, running a successful business requires more than paperwork. Below, we've put together some tips to help you foster positive client relations while also ensuring you get paid promptly.

  • Have an Honest Conversation About Expectations

    Design is a tricky field because it's largely subjective. Have a clear conversation with your client about their expectations for the final product to ensure they are realistic. At the same time, make your expectations clear - namely, that you expect to get paid a certain amount within a certain time frame.

    A clearly defined quotation format clarifies your expectations and gives you recourse if you have to chase payments. Skynova's accounting software can help you identify unpaid invoices if needed.

  • Make It Easy for Clients to Accept Your Quote

    Skynova lets you send your web design quotes directly to your clients online. The client can open the quote and accept it immediately via the Skynova platform without downloading or printing any paperwork. This saves both you and your client time and energy. You won't miss out on jobs because of the hassle of paperwork.

  • Don't Cave on Your Quote

    Many freelancers struggle with imposter syndrome and undercharge for their work because they fail to recognize and assert its value. Don't fall into this trap and sell yourself short. Once you've submitted a price quotation, stick to your guns. If clients try to haggle, it's perfectly fine to walk away.

Design Your Company's Success With Skynova

You became a designer to do just that - design. Whether you're passionate about web design or landscape design, Skynova helps you spend more time doing what you love by simplifying and streamlining your administrative work. With our easy-to-use, free quote and estimate templates, you can focus on your craft. Your design company will thrive as a result.

To make your day-to-day business operations even more efficient, check out Skynova's invoice and accounting services. With these products, you can easily create expense and financial reports. Learn more about how Skynova can help you design your path to success today.

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