Construction work is a heavy-duty business. Using Skynova's quote template, which can be delivered directly online via an email link, saves time. And delivering quotes that can be automatically transformed into invoices means you have more time to focus on turning profits. Create a professional quote in minutes with our user-friendly guide below.

Why waste time struggling with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel templates, which don't allow for easy customization? Skynova is here to lighten the administrative side of your construction business so that you can focus more on your customers and growing your company. If you're in construction, check out the template we've made below just for your business:

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How to Create a Construction Quote

Create your own professional construction project quote in a few easy steps. Skynova's quote template is so easy to use that someone who typically avoids administrative tasks will love it. Sending quotes that automatically convert to invoices on acceptance makes this template that much better.

You can now speed up new business and payments with financial products designed to give you more time to concentrate on what you love doing - construction work. Using services that enhance your professional reputation similarly helps drive rapid payments, especially since current and potential customers appreciate time-saving technology.

Jump straight into the steps below to learn how user-friendly it is to create your construction company quote online and while on the move.

  1. Input Your Construction Business and Customer Details

    Type in the construction company name in the box labeled "Your Name," followed by your physical address below it. If you do business online, you can add an email address or phone number. Do the same for your customer's contact information under "To."

    Check the details for accuracy, as it is unprofessional to send quotes with incorrect addresses or names. A customer who doesn't recognize the name might ignore the quote or delete it. Your construction company also relies on its reputation for further business, so you don't want embarrassing mistakes to tarnish your good name.

  2. Upload Your Construction Business Logo

    A construction business logo always increases the professional look of the quote. Skynova's quote template page requires little effort to improve your image by including a logo that clarifies who is sending the quote. Use this extra feature to your advantage so that your brand continues to grow with each price quote that you prepare.

    At the top of the template, you will see an option to customize your invoice. Select "Show Customization Options" and click the "Logo" option that appears. Click "Browse" under the "Your Logo Here" to upload the construction company logo.

  3. Add a Quote Number for Easy Tracking

    Identifying quote numbers are a standard procedure to help you and your customers track quotes quickly. Make life simple by including consecutive numbers for each quote that you create. For example, you may want to use "Q" to identify the document as a quote followed by a number such as "Q0000001."

    You may also want to add an associated purchase order (P.O.) number. Select "Show Customization Options" at the top (like you did for your logo) and check off "P.O. #" to associate the quote with the P.O. for future business dealings. The beauty of using this system is that once the customer accepts the quote, it automatically converts to an invoice.

    More time-savings benefits are enjoyed as you continue your journey with Skynova. Improve on these features by providing the next customer with a cost estimate using our free estimate template.

  4. Input Your Chosen Quote Date

    Typically, the date of your quote creation is used as an input into the template. Knowing how hectic construction jobs can get, don't stress too much if you get dates confused. Also, you may have a different dating policy for invoices, which is also fine. Just be sure to add a date on the invoice for record purposes.

  5. Calculate and Enter Construction Material Costs

    Accurately evaluate all the materials that will be used in the construction job. Provide a detailed breakdown of all materials used in the quote to give customers a clear idea of what to expect. Focus on accuracy as you complete this section because there is no turning back once the quote is accepted.

    Accuracy is vital if you want your construction business to maintain a profitable outlook. Be aware of material price fluctuations when quoting for long-term jobs, too, as these can eat away at profits if not calculated into your pricing.

    Select "Item" and choose "Product" from the menu. Then, move to the line item under "Description" to explain the materials used. For example, you may need 100 pounds of concrete for a particular job and 10 tins of paint.

    Describe the first item and input its cost under "Unit Price," followed by the number of units under "Quantity." Use a separate line item for each input to finish the job. As you continue to describe the materials, you will notice that the "Amount" updates after each addition, conveniently providing an accurate total once you have completed this part on the quote template.

    Describe each item in words that the customer can understand rather than using complex industry terms. If bricks are inventoried under numbers, describe these by their commercial names, for instance. If your customer prefers, you can use the job estimate template to give them an idea of cost for a specific job, instead of sending them a service quote.

  6. Remember to Include Construction Labor Costs

    Skynova's quotation templates make labor descriptions as simple as they make the calculation of construction materials. Complete this section as you did for the materials, but make a different selection from the "Item" drop-down menu. Again, remember that accuracy is key to getting your quote accepted, so be clear about how you are charging for your labor.

    Charge for labor costs by selecting "Item" and "Hours" or "Days." Work out a time frame to finish the job when calculating the number of hours or days of labor estimated. Describe the labor in the "Description" line, how much you charge for each unit (day or hours), and input the number under "Quantity." You may choose to charge a fixed labor cost per agreement with the customer. If this is the case, add this agreement clearly in the description line.

    Select more lines when different labor units are needed or when several workers are assigned to the job. Often, workers will have different skills and are paid individual rates. Make use of the hour or daily rates on the quote to accurately reflect these variations.

  7. Describe the Discount Offered, If Any

    In order to help improve customer relationships, free job quote templates should include the space to offer discounts to customers. As a construction business owner, you may find that you want to reward customers with discounts.

    Loyalty discounts are a common marketing tactic when dealing with regular customers, for instance. New work may be referred to you by a customer, prompting you to thank them by giving them a discount on the next job you do for them. Many businesses include discounts for first-time customers as a show of good faith, which encourages repeat business.

    To offer a discount, choose this option from the "Item" drop-down menu. Describe what the discount is for so that the customer understands why you are offering a reduced price. Input a discount figure under "Unit Price." Include a figure under "Quantity" (usually "1"), and the total cost will reflect this deduction.

    Goodwill is created by this gesture, which will build a positive reputation and get you more customers for your construction work down the line.

  8. Write a Note for Context

    As a construction company business owner, you can use your discretion with the "Notes" feature. If line items cannot be fully explained in the space provided, add a note to offer more context for material or labor descriptions.

    Write a note to explain why a discount has been given or why a certain charge has been altered. You may need to explain that substitute construction materials have been quoted due to unavailability.

    Notes are there to alert customers to construction contingencies that are a problem to foresee or determine in advance. One example is that the cost of materials may change dependent on price fluctuations or availability at the price stated.

    Similarly, a code exemption from the local permits department may need to be changed, in which case the construction project could be delayed, resulting in a higher cost. The "Notes" section is there to help customers understand your quote, so use it to your full advantage.

Tips and Best Practices for Construction Quotes

Read through our tips and best practices to discover more reasons why using Skynova's price quote template and other services can improve the smooth running of your construction company.

  • Add Banking Details On Every Quote

    The "Notes" section provides the opportunity to include your banking details for quick payment. Ensure that your construction company's bank details are included on the invoice after automatic acceptance of the quote for the customer's convenience.

  • Understand Local Building Codes Before Creating an Online Quote

    If you have a good understanding of local building codes, you can avoid many pitfalls before hitting the "send" button on the quote template. Knowing about local codes will help qualify your quote in terms of material costs, for example. Regulations and delays can extend the time frame to complete a construction job, which can incur further costs for hiring employees and equipment.

    Use the "Notes" section to qualify certain aspects of the job to avoid financial losses due to this type of error.

  • Check Subcontracting Costs Before Completing the Quote

    If the job requires specialist subcontractors, confirm labor costs before adding unit prices to your quote. Also, find out about overtime prices to add to the quote in case of contingency situations where the job needs to be completed before a certain date but has been delayed for various reasons.

Build Your Construction Company Business With Skynova

Skynova's free quote template continues to support construction business billing systems. Rapid quote creation and online links to customers equates to quick, professional business practices that encourage smooth payment. Knowing how well the free quote template works for construction business owners, Skynova has developed a range of other templates, including construction estimate templates and invoice templates to improve administrative tasks.

Additionally, owners of construction companies can access more software products to support their core business. These can simplify financial administrative tasks, leaving you with time to concentrate on customer concerns, getting paid on time, and profits.

Skynova's services help business owners with the creation of complex expenses and financial reports.

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