Those in the catering business know how essential it is to create an accurate and detailed quote for prospective clients. After all, as they plan their big event, they're likely getting quotes from your competitors, as well. A professional, itemized quote could mean the difference between your being awarded the job and not.

Using Skynova's quote template makes it easier to create a customized and polished quote for your clients than ever before. Rather than building a quote from scratch using unwieldy programs like MS Word or MS Excel, our platform makes it easy for you to produce and edit your document directly on our website. Plug in all pertinent information - the cost of labor, supplies, and discounts - and let our template calculate a quote for you. Then, submit your quote directly to your client through our form or download it as a printable PDF format.

With all costs laid out neatly before them, your prospective client can easily review and approve your submitted quote online. Skynova's quotation template simplifies the entire process so that you can focus on what you do best: cooking up a feast. If you're in catering, check out the template we've made below just for your business:

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How to Create a Catering Quote

Even if you're a whiz in the kitchen, taking care of the paperwork, including creating quotes for clients, might be overwhelming. The good news is that Skynova's service quote template lightens the load by simplifying this administrative task. Any catering company owner worth their salt will appreciate our free template, which allows you to easily create a professional quote.

Simply follow the steps listed below to produce a quote that will impress any client. Our template removes the difficulties of formatting and coming up with a quote on your own, allowing you to focus on the work you love.

  1. Include Addresses and Contact Information for Your Catering Company and Your Client

    The first pieces of information you should add to your catering proposal are the names and addresses of both parties involved: your business and the client you're attempting to woo. This information is important so that the client can recognize who sent them the quote. Otherwise, they might accidentally delete or disregard your communication with them.

    Also, before hitting the send button, double-check the contact information you have filed for this client. This is to ensure that your quote gets to the right place. When dealing with event planning, time is of the essence, and any delay could mean the job goes to another company.

    There are "To" and "From" fields on Skynova's quote template. This is where you will include this contact information.

  2. Upload Your Catering Business's Logo to the Document

    Adding your catering company's logo to your quote provides a professional touch to your document. Skynova's price quote template makes it easy to upload your logo.

    When you're in the template, click on "Show Customization Options" at the top. Several options will appear. Check the "Logo" box to upload an image.

  3. Create a Quote Number

    Create and add an identifiable quote number to your document. This will allow you to track your jobs as quotes are sent to clients and approved.

    Establish a system for producing quote numbers. These can incorporate any order of numbers, letters, or symbols. Often, businesses will use sequential numbers based on when the quotes are created. Others might use a combination of the date the quote is produced and the name of the client. It all comes down to what works best for your company.

    Input your quote number into the field marked "Quote #" on the Skynova quote template. If you're looking for additional ways to track your work, you can opt to include an associated purchase order (P.O.) number under customizable options. Having a P.O. number allows you to easily convert your quotes to invoices once approved by the client.

  4. Add a Quote Date

    Every catering service quotation should also include a date, usually the date the document is created. This date will be used as a touch point for your prospective client. Most quotes have an expiration date. This might be seven days, 14 days, or 30 days - whatever you're comfortable with - from the date on your quote. At this point, you'll no longer be bound by the quote you provided.

  5. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Catering Menu Items and Supplies

    When creating a catering event quote, you first need to determine how you plan to charge your clients. This will vary based on the scope of each event and the client's needs.

    In some cases, you'll charge a different set fee for each tray of specific food items - cocktail shrimp, baked pasta, meatballs in sauce, for example. At events with seated meals, like weddings, you might charge a flat rate per plate served. In this case, the cost will be based on the number of guests.

    To add these items to Skynova's catering quote template, select "Product" under the "Item" pull-down tab. In the description box next to this, write the name of this item. For instance, this description might read as "Tray of shrimp appetizers" or for sit-down meals "Chicken dinner" or "Salmon meal."

    Next, determine the unit price for each item. This will vary based on the cost of ingredients and whether you're charging clients by the tray or plated meal per guest.

    From there, you input the quantity for each listed item. For plated meals, this will be the same as the number of guests attending. For trays of food, you need to determine how many are needed to serve the anticipated number of attendees. Then, write this number in the quantity section of the quote.

    As you determine catering menus for your clients, in some cases, you might consult with them extensively, even allowing them to sample catering dishes in advance. In this case, ahead of your first meeting with them, you need to decide whether you'll charge a tasting fee for these items or offer free samples. This would be its own line item on your quote.

    There might be other supplies that you include in your quote, as well. These items might include - but aren't limited to - dishes, glassware, serving tools, disposable chafing dishes, and racks. It all depends on the nature of your involvement on the day of the event. Are you helping to serve the food, as well?

  6. Enter the Cost of Your Catering Service Labor

    Typically, caterers don't charge separately for labor. They simply charge by the tray or plate of food delivered for an event.

    This all depends on the scope of your catering business, though. Some caterers handle food and drink service in addition to providing these items. In this case, you'll include charges for servers, bartenders, and supervisors.

    In Skynova's price quote template, select "Hours" under the "Item" pull-down tab. In the description, write the type of labor, such as bartending. Then, under "Unit Price," add the total hourly rate for all bartenders working the event. In the "Quantity" field, input the total number of bartending hours worked at the event.

  7. Enter Discounts and Special Offers

    As the owner of a catering service, you might decide to offer discounts and special offers. These help with attracting new clients and client retention. Discounts can be based on the type of event - maybe one month you'll offer a special on catering for weddings specifically - or you might offer discounts to repeat clients.

    Skynova's catering quote template allows you to note these discounts in your quote document. When looking at the "Item" pull-down tab, select "Discount." Then, in the corresponding "Description" field, write what this offer is for. Under "Unit Price," write the amount of this discount, and in the "Quantity" section, include the number of discounts applied. Our template will deduct this discount when calculating the total amount for your quote.

  8. Add a Note If You Have Additional Information

    If you have additional information to share with your prospective client, include this in the "Notes" section of Skynova's quotation template. In this area, explain any discounts you applied to their quote or mention if you plan to waive the tasting or consulting fee when creating a menu for their event.

    This might also be the right space to mention if there is an expiration date on the quote, explain any variables that might affect costs as you move forward, or let clients know about payment terms, like if you'll require a deposit when a quote is approved and an invoice is generated.

Tips and Best Practices for Catering Quotes

Skynova's catering quotation template lets you easily create accurate quotes for potential clients. This professional document can make a big impact when they're deciding whether to hire you for the gig. Our software helps streamline the communication process, helping you build a relationship with your client, and allowing them to quickly approve your quote.

Of course, creating a quote also requires industry skills and know-how. Here are some additional tips and practices to consider when compiling your catering quotes.

  • Ask Plenty of Questions Before Providing a Quote

    As a caterer, before providing a quote, you should have a conversation with your prospective client about their needs. What they require of you will vary based on the type of event they're organizing. Is this a buffet-style office party or an elegant sit-down dinner at a wedding? Do they require that you provide servers or bartenders for the event? The size of their guest list will also impact your final quote.

  • Create a Catering Menu for Clients to Choose From

    The easiest way to provide an accurate quote is to establish a set menu with prices. This menu could include a mix of food trays and fees by the plate. Once you know the number of guests and your client's meal preferences, you can determine the number of trays or plates you need to serve. This will help you quickly work up a quote to give them a precise idea of what they can expect to spend on food.

  • Consider Tiered Pricing Options

    In a tiered pricing system, the cost per plate decreases as the guest count increases. This lower price will entice prospective clients to choose your company for the gig. At the same time, you'll also save money by ordering larger quantities of ingredients.

  • Know the Variables That Might Affect Your Quote

    The fast-paced, deadline-driven catering business is not for the faint of heart. Many variables might affect the quote you provide a client. These could range from the availability of servers or help in the kitchen to the seasonality of produce you planned to serve. Keep these in mind as you write your quote and set a menu for an event.

  • Make It Easy for Clients to Accept Your Catering Quote

    Sending quotes using Skynova's template software makes it easy for clients to approve the job. You can use our website to send it to them directly without any Microsoft Excel or Word downloads. Your client can quickly decide if they're happy with your quote and provide approval online.

Build Your Business With Skynova's Catering Quote Template

As a catering company owner, you need to be as skilled and organized in the office as you are in the kitchen. Paperwork can be a tedious chore, one not everyone is built for. Providing accurate quotes to clients is an essential part of your business, though, and lines you up for success.

Luckily, Skynova's quote template for catering makes this part of the job easier for you. In fact, our wide range of products helps small and midsize companies thrive. We streamline your day-to-day, mundane office work so that you can focus on what you're passionate about and build your client base.

Whether you're looking to create a proposal template, track order forms, provide receipts, or maintain your company's accounting, we're here to help you grow.

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