From towing to car repair, running an auto repair shop keeps you busy, but your paperwork doesn't have to. Skynova's auto repair invoice template lets you create professional and customized invoices quickly and easily. While some businesses use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to create their invoices, using Skynova allows you to edit your invoice onsite easily and then quickly download a PDF to send directly to your Customer.

Through our invoice template, you can even send your invoice directly to the Customer without having to download any files. This means a speedier, smoother payment process — and more time to focus on growing your business. If you're interested in creating a free auto repair invoice template for your business, review the guide below.

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How to Create an Auto Repair Invoice

Creating invoices for auto repair work and services doesn't have to be time-consuming or difficult. Skynova's auto repair invoice template is easy to use, personalize, and print or send, so you can get paid and then get on with your day.

  1. Add Contact Information

    Invoice forms should include the correct contact information for both your business and your Customer. Your business name and information is necessary because Customers need to know who is billing them. Make sure each invoice includes your name or company name and your address, phone number, and business email.

    Including your Customer's contact information verifies that the right bill is getting to the right Customer. More than one Customer may share a name, so including the address, phone number, and email address (if you communicate via email) becomes a fail-safe to billing the correct person. Having all this information on hand will make contacting the customer when their vehicle is ready that much easier, as well.

  2. Number Your Invoice

    Numbering your professional invoices in a way that makes sense to you and your record-keeping system is essential. An organized system of unique invoice numbers makes car repair orders easy to find. If a Customer has a question about vehicle maintenance or a repair performed in the past, that efficient labeling will make finding their vehicle information as simple as scrolling or flipping through your files.

    Any combination of letters and numbers can be entered in our auto repair invoice template. Simply select the "Invoice #" field and enter your label. Skynova can help you keep track of your invoices, too, while also making sure you never have any duplicate invoice numbers.

  3. Add Your Invoice and Payment Due Dates

    Many auto repair businesses have a policy of payment being due the day the invoice is created, which is also generally the day the repair or other service was performed. In this case, both the date for the invoice and payment due will be the same. However, if your business operates under a different policy (such as allowing a 30-day period in which a Customer can settle their bill or taking installments), this date needs to be clearly marked.

    Including a due date beneath the date you created the invoice, even if they're the same date, is a simple way to remind Customers when payment is due. However, a good rule of thumb to ease sticker shock is to discuss cost and payment methods before performing any work. Skynova can help you do just that with our estimate template.

  4. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Your Supplies

    Skynova's auto repair invoice template lets you itemize as many parts and supplies as you need. Simply enter each item and its price and the quantity used. Don't worry about the math, either. Our template adds it up for you.

    Itemizing the parts and supplies that you use during an auto repair service provides transparency for your Customers. Be sure to include the cost of materials in your estimates, as well. No one likes surprises on their final bill.

  5. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Your Labor

    Anyone running a business with employees understands the importance of charging for labor. After all, you won't have employees for long if you don't pay them, and pay them fairly. Keeping track of the labor spent on a given Customer's vehicle means you can charge the right amount of money to pay that fair wage.

    If you run an auto body shop on your own, charging for your labor might feel uncomfortable. It's all too easy to undervalue and, thus, undercharge for work that you enjoy or don't find very difficult. But even for the smallest of businesses, time is still money. Your time is valuable, and you deserve to be paid just the same as you'd pay an employee for an oil change or a more complicated repair.

    Many repair shop owners charge for labor on an hourly basis. You'll need to keep careful track of the total amount of hours spent on a Customer's vehicle, but entering your labor cost into our service invoice template is just as easy as entering the cost of your parts and supplies. Simply enter your per-hour rate in the "Unit Price" field and the number of hours spent working in the "Quantity" field. If you agreed on a set price for a given project, your quantity would just be "1."

  6. Enter Any Discounts or Sales Prices

    While not a necessary element on every professional invoice you'll create, sales prices, referral discounts, or other changes to your usual prices should be noted. For example, some auto repair businesses run an annual tire sale, while others offer a Customer referral discount to earn new business and thank Customers for that referral.

    Our invoicing template makes incorporating sales prices and discounts into your invoice quick and intuitive. The "Discount" category in the drop-down list under the "Item" field is easy to find, select, and use. Enter the discounted amount in the "Unit Price" field, and the amount will appear as a negative number. This will then be subtracted (not added) to the final total of the invoice. Most businesses list discounts, sales prices, and tax calculations at the end of an invoice after listing all of the costs so that these are easier for Customers to see.

  7. Add a Note or a Thank-You Note for Your Customer

    The "Notes" section of our free auto repair invoice template is the perfect place to clarify or explain anything listed elsewhere on the invoice. For example, if you obtained a part at a price cheaper than noted on your estimate, note that. You may not always be the person who settles a bill, so adding notes like this answers questions a Customer would otherwise have to wait to ask until you were available.

    Adding a personalized note to your Customer is also a way to connect with them as an individual and not just an invoice number. Even a small note thanking them for their business can go a long way toward building customer loyalty and ensuring return business for possibly years to come. After all, vehicles come and go, but a trusted auto repair business is one that Customers will want to return to.

Invoicing Tips and Best Practices for Your Auto Repair Business

As with every part of your business, maintaining professionalism and best practices when it comes to invoicing is important to your reputation. Follow the tips below to ensure the continued success of your auto repair business.

  • Add Your Logo to Invoices, Estimates, and Other Paperwork

    Adding your logo to your paperwork puts your professional fingerprint on every communication you have with your Customers. You can customize each Skynova business template with a few quick clicks. Select the "Show Customizable Options" at the top of each template, choose the "Logo" option, and upload your image.

  • Discuss Cost Before You Begin the Work

    Take the time to talk about what repair or service a vehicle needs, what choices your Customer may have in terms of parts or other options, and any estimated costs involved, including labor. Customers appreciate feeling involved in their vehicle's repair and maintenance, and discussing these details ahead of time can allay any anxiety they may have. Full transparency builds trust.

    If a Customer is only interested in getting a quote on a repair, Skynova's quote template makes getting them that repair estimate as easy as invoicing.

  • Be Clear on Payment Methods

    Do you take payments for more expensive repair projects, or does a Customer need to pay the total amount before you release their vehicle? Be clear on your payment terms and policies, like accepting personal checks or being cash/credit only. You don't want to go through the extensive work of repairing someone's vehicle just to get stuck with an unpaid bill because they didn't know about these policies. Be sure to include payment methods as part of the discussion you have with a Customer before you begin work on their vehicle.

  • Have Invoices Ready at Checkout

    Don't keep Customers waiting for their ride while you finish up the paperwork. Having their invoice ready makes the payment process that much smoother for both of you. And because Skynova's auto repair invoice template is simple to use, paperwork becomes quick, easy, and headache-free.

Skynova Helps You Turn Repairs Into Income

Running your own auto repair business keeps you busy. Don't let paperwork slow you down. Skynova is here to help you get paid faster and easier than ever. Our fully customizable templates let you create any document you need, whenever you need it. This means no more staring at a blank screen, trying to figure out what information you need or how to arrange it.

Our auto repair invoice template's easy-to-use format makes calculating the cost of parts, supplies, and labor as simple as labeling and addressing. And because you can save each new invoice as a PDF, Microsoft Word document, or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you can choose which format works best for you. Print or email your finished paperwork with ease.

Get paid faster, easier, and stay more organized with all of Skynova's free business templates. From estimates and work orders to receipts and beyond, Skynova has the templates you need to get your business done.

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