Manage your freelance business like the expert you are by using Skynova's invoice template to send to clients. Create a professional invoice in minutes with our intuitive system to get paid rapidly by happy clients.

Innovative features mean that you can deliver freelance invoices directly to clients using various formats. Instead of going through some of the extra steps required to make a template from Microsoft Word or Excel fit your needs, you can edit your invoice directly within our module below and download it quickly as a PDF to send to your clients. Plus, we help you keep all of your invoices in one place. Learn more about how to create a freelance invoice template below.

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How to Create a Freelance Invoice

As a freelancer, you want to put your best foot forward because a good reputation is everything in a competitive industry. Quick cash turnover is vital, which means rapid payment is essential to keep cash flow constant. Achieve faster client payments with professional invoices that are designed to be intuitive and can be completed in minutes.

Just a few easy steps are required to bill and deliver an invoice to clients in your specific area of expertise. Access Skynova's invoice template to add another element of expertise to your current freelancer operations. You can even personalize freelance invoices by adding a business logo or your freelancing business name to this important financial document.

  1. Add Your Business Address and Your Client's Address

    Go to the Skynova invoice template page and complete the address sections. Check that all details of the client's name and contact information are correct. No one appreciates receiving a freelance invoice with the incorrect name or address, so it is critical to take the time to check that your entries are accurate.

    If your interactions with a client are online, you can also add additional contact information, like an email address and/or a phone number.

  2. Include an Invoice Number

    As a freelancer, you may have developed your own invoicing system by this stage. Either follow your existing numbering system on the template or choose to start from scratch. What you decide will depend on personal preferences and practical purposes.

    Whichever system you decide to use, the custom invoice template is easy to use. Start with your initial invoice number and our software will automatically create the next one in increments of one so you'll never have a duplicate invoice number. It also allows you to track payments as you continue to build your freelance business. Invoice numbering is essential for tracking invoices, checking payments, and investigating potential errors. With a systematic invoice recording system, you no longer need to worry about wasting time hunting down old invoices.

  3. Add Your Invoice Date and Due Date

    Next, capture the invoice date. Invoice date best practices are to use the same date on which the invoice is created. As a freelancer, you may have already created your own invoice dating system. Skynova is innovative enough to know this and accommodates your preferences.

    Next, capture the due date of the total amount of the invoice. Your system may vary but the standard business practice is to use a 7-, 14-, or 30-day payment term within which invoices should be paid. You may also decide that payment within 7 days can attract a discount and later payments may incur interest at the legal rate.

    Whichever due date system you use, is it advisable to discuss payment terms with your client prior to starting a job. When everyone understands their obligations upfront, it is far easier to know how to bill clients.

  4. Be Sure to Include the Cost of Your Supplies

    Types of freelancers can vary, including freelance writers, graphic design artists, web developers, and more. Because of this, you may choose to charge only for labor. If this is the case, move on to Step 5.

    If you do charge for materials, such as purchasing software, to complete a special job, or if you need to purchase online licenses to meet client requirements, these costs can be included as line items under supply costs.

    Select "Item" and choose "Product" from the drop-down menu. Write a description of the purchase made in this field. Add the "Unit Price" and the "Quantity," if applicable. Be sure to discuss purchases with the client before beginning work to avoid potential disagreements in the future.

    Of course, you may simply prefer to charge for your freelance services, which means billing the client differently. Follow the tips in the next step should your billing system be focused only on labor costs.

  5. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Your Labor

    Decide how much your freelancer labor is worth or how much you will charge for each job. Your prices are probably flexible depending on market demand and labor charges may vary for each client. Perhaps you charge per job or by an hourly rate. Whichever system you use, Skynova's invoice creator adapts to match your needs. It is also vital that you keep track of the number of hours worked to not sell yourself short.

    Select "Item" on the invoice template and choose "Service" if you are offering a flat fee for your labor. Otherwise, select "Hours" or "Days" to bill the client. Next, include a description of the services rendered, such as "Content writing as requested by you at 1,000 words each." Then capture the word count for these articles under "Unit Price," which might be $200 or another figure per 1,000 words. Add the number of articles written under "Quantity," (a Quantity of "5" would be a subtotal of $1,000.

    You can also add an extra line with the title of each article written and write the "Unit Price" and "Quantity" separately. Alternatively, you can charge per number of days to complete a task, such as a social media manager might.

    Capturing and keeping track of your labor is important to build your freelance business. The system used will depend on individual circumstances.

  6. Enter Any Discounts Provided to the Client

    Freelancers may consider offering discounts to regular clients or for bulk orders. Discounts are useful as marketing techniques to attract new business for first-time clients or to include for special vacation periods. Black Friday discounts might come in handy to drive extra interest, for example.

    When you want to include a discount on Skynova's free invoice creator, click on "Item" and choose "Discount" from the drop-down menu. Write a clear description of what you are discounting or why. Clear communication is valued by clients, and discounting can encourage them to return the favor at a future time by giving you a bonus.

    Capture the discount amount under "Unit Price" and the figure will appear with a minus sign in front of it ("-20," for instance). This figure will be subtracted from other costs entered on the invoice. A discount price will typically only have one unit, so enter "1" under "Quantity" to complete your discount capture.

    You can also encourage existing clients to refer other work to you by offering them a referral discount. Additionally, include any promotional offers on your freelancer website or social media page. Market your freelance business consistently and offer discounts regularly on your account or website to potentially reach new target markets.

  7. Add Any Invoicing Notes for the Client

    Skynova's "Note" feature provides freelancers with a variety of opportunities to promote their business or to offer clarity. Fill in extra details to explain descriptions in the "Note" section if the line space was insufficient. For instance, if your agreement was to deliver a maximum of three rewrites, you might need to explain that a higher freelance invoice price was due to a fourth rewrite.

    Freelancers can also use this section to encourage early payment for a discount on the next client order. Also, you can advertise special offers for the month following receipt of payment. Include a web address for placing orders or a social media account where clients can follow you online to place orders, as another quick means of contact.

    Clients frequently use the "Notes" feature to enhance existing advertising efforts. Another valuable fact to remember is to include payment options on the invoice. The "Note" section is a good place to record these details for a streamlined client experience. If you use an online payment system like PayPal, then add this as the payment method.

    Choose which format you want to use when sending invoices to clients and mark the invoice as "Paid" once the bill has been settled.

    Overall, using Skynova's invoice template delivers many practical features to build your freelance business. Read our tips section below to find out more about how we can support the growth of your business.

Invoicing Tips and Best Practices for Freelance Businesses

Take the advice of a company with years of experience in using financial strategies and products to promote business. Skynova has developed a comprehensive suite of free templates with supportive features and products to boost your freelance business performance.

Other than our free invoice templates to professionalize the financial end of your freelance business, additional services are available to maintain good financial housekeeping. Just as you seek help to grow your freelancer prospects, so does Skynova aim to provide expert software to bolster your business operations.

Take advantage of our free templates and take note of additional tips to promote sustainable growth.

  • Personalized Invoices Are Good for Business

    Take advantage of Skynova's free invoice template to personalize your freelance business. Personalization with your distinctive logo will go a long way toward adding to professionalism. Clients will take note of the logo and recognize it when used across your advertising platforms, such as a website or social media account.

  • Maintain All Your Financial Records in One Place

    Being a freelancer is a tough career. You enjoy the benefits of working for yourself but also need to manage your business on your own. With Skynova to help, you can keep all your transactions in one place rather than in different files on your computer. Computers are prone to invasion, meaning that your client information could disappear at any time no matter how cautious you are.

    When you use Skynova, all your financial business dealings are isolated in one convenient place, and they are protected. You'll have easy access to your record-keeping and other details for tax purposes whenever you have an internet connection.

    With Skynova features, you can track client payment behavior, enjoy unlimited storage, add an unrestricted number of contacts per client, and much more.

    Track and send invoices to clients for content writing, web development, or any other freelance work that you undertake. Skynova understands your freelance business and is here to help your business grow by providing supportive templates, features, and products.

  • Remember That Your Time Is Valuable as a Freelancer

    Our last piece of advice is simple: Your time is valuable as a freelancer, and you don't want to sell yourself short strictly to get a job. Do research on your prospective client and project and charge a fair price for your work depending on how skilled you are compared to others in the field.

Skynova Helps You Turn Your Freelance Service Into Income

Skynova's service invoice templates and other templates promote freelance businesses by supporting good administrative financial practices.

By keeping track of each client's orders over time, freelancers and small business owners can use this data to decide which clients deserve discounts. Client payment behavior can also be tracked for the same purpose. Look after regular clients who treat you well by offering additional services that build long-term business relationships.

Create a convenient Skynova account today to access ongoing financial services that boost freelancer wealth. While we highlight our financial products for your benefit, you get to spend more time improving your skills.

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