Handyman businesses can always use a little extra help with admin activities. Sending invoices on the go is just the thing to boost business and get paid sooner Imagine being able to create an editable service invoice onsite and email it directly to the customer as you speak instead of having to work through Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. With Skynova's invoice template, you can do exactly that.

Our template below allows you to edit the invoice and quickly download it as a PDF to send directly to your customer, helping you to turn your carpentry, plumbing, or electrical skills into income. Take a look at how you can use our module to create a free handyman invoice template:

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How to Create a Handyman Invoice

Our system has been developed with hard-working business people in mind, so it is user-friendly, intuitive, and designed to look like it was issued by your accountant. Sending invoices to customers for quick payment has seldom been this convenient.

Follow the easy, step-by-step process below to create handyman invoice forms and stay on top of your financial bookkeeping as you go about your business.

Businesses and contractors across the world use Skynova's handyman invoice template to create free printable invoices that look professional because they have been designed by professionals.

  1. Add Your Business Address and Your Customer's Address

    Enter your business name and address at the top of the invoice where indicated. Add your phone number and email address for quick access when your customers need help in a hurry. Include the customer's address below your business address.

    If you typically do most of your administrative business online, you'll also want to add an email address for your customers. Some customers prefer to receive invoices via email because it is convenient and environmentally friendly.

    Always double-check that you are matching the right customer to the right address. Nobody appreciates receiving bills addressed to someone else or being charged for another customer's job. Accuracy is a vital element of professional invoicing, so take the time to check that each detail is correct.

    Similarly, it is important that your customers provide correct contact information. If you are interacting with a customer exclusively online, explain that they can enter an email address in the address field instead.

  2. Add an Invoice Number

    Invoices are notoriously difficult to track if you have not worked out a systematic process of record keeping. An accepted invoicing method is to start with something like "00001."

    Once you start using this system, we will automatically update each invoice number in increments of one, which will make each invoice easier to trace when you need it. Skynova has taken the frustration out of looking for invoices with this effective tracking method.

  3. Include an Invoice Date and Due Date

    Add the invoice date and due date below the invoice number. Good business and accounting practices will use the invoice creation date. Many companies frequently devise their own system for dating invoices. You may even decide to backdate the invoice to the day on which you completed the job.

    Alternatively, you may decide that the invoice date will be the day after you finished the job. The system you use depends on you as the owner of your handyman business. Select an invoice dating policy and stick to this to avoid confusion and late payments.

    Another decision to make is whether your invoice due date system will allow for 7, 14, or 30 days. Discuss payment terms with individual customers and include this due date detail on your invoice.

  4. Be Sure to Add the Cost of Supplies

    Perhaps keeping track of your handyman supplies has been an issue in the past. With Skynova, it no longer needs to be a problem. You can describe all of the materials used in each job, the price of each unit used, and the quantities of all the line items that went into delivering a great service.

    Go to the "Item" menu below the address field. Choose "Product," and then go to the "Description" section to describe the materials used. For example, "Bathroom faucet," "1 foot of copper piping," "2 joints," and similar items depending on the type of job completed.

    Add the cost of the unit under "Unit Price." Next, include how many units were used for the job under "Quantity." All totals immediately appear under "Amount" so you do not have to manually use a time-consuming calculator to produce a final invoice.

    Skynova's invoice template is simple to use. Handymen are enjoying their administrative duties now because the job can be done on-site and in front of the customer, if necessary. Also, if you make a mistake with descriptions, units, or quantities, these are quickly correctable. Just check the details for accuracy and make any corrections before hitting the "Send" button.

    Documents like quotes, estimates, material bills, and many other free templates are available to support your financial processes. Keeping track of invoices, credit notes, and other financial transactions is possible with Skynova.

    Being able to use Skynova's invoice template any time you have Wi-Fi access just makes sense.

  5. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Labor

    Everyone who delivers a service should charge for their labor. Other than adding product details and traveling costs to the invoice, there is a "Service" section where you can charge customers for the value of your labor.

    Handymen will charge for their labor in several different ways. Depending on the job size and travel time, you can charge a flat rate or a daily or hourly rate. How you charge for labor depends on you and what arrangement you have made with each customer.

    Go to Skynova's invoice template. Select "Item" and choose "Service." Describe your service as labor (or similar). Add the cost of your labor under "Unit Price," then complete the "Quantity" section to total the amount for your labor.

    For example, you may charge $50 per hour, so input this under "Unit Price." It may have taken three hours to complete the work, so input "3" in the "Quantity" field. You will immediately see a total of $150.00 under "Amount," in addition to the material supply costs completed in Step 4.

    Providing cash discounts and other cost reductions for early payment is also possible with this professional invoice creator. Read on to find out more about this feature in the next step.

  6. Enter Any Discounts Provided to the Customer

    Discounting products and services are a popular tactic to deliver additional attractive handyman services to your company's customers. Regular customers will always be grateful for a discount. New customers will enjoy a first-time discount as a sign of thanks for their patronage. Discounts are exceptional marketing tools to reward loyalty and new customer referrals.

    Decide when, how, and to which customers you will offer a discount. Select "Item" on the invoice creator. You will see "Discounts" is in the last field on the drop-down menu. Provide a clear description of the discount being given.

    An example of a discount description might be, "Discount for referring job from Mike in Halifax," or "$50 off your next job under $500 if ordered before the end of March 2021." Input $50.00 under "Unit Price" and the figure will appear with a minus sign in front of it (-$50.00). Enter "1" in the "Quantity" field and you will see that this amount is subtracted from the subtotal to calculate a final figure.

    Get creative with your handyman discounts; it is a great feature available to use as a marketing tactic to grow profits.

  7. Take Advantage of the Notes Section

    The useful "Notes" section has been added so handymen can include additional information to describe invoice items. Some materials and labor may need further contextualization. For example, you can use the "Notes" section to support descriptions or encourage customers to make early payments. Early or cash payments can be discounted, for example.

    Another example: Product substitutes may have been necessary to complete a job and the prices may have been slightly higher or lower. You may have decided to purchase these materials without a discussion with the customer because quality and pricing were similar to the originals, but you may want to include these details in a note.

    The "Notes" section can be used for so many reasons, including offering additional promotions or inviting customers to visit your website or join you on a social media group.

    Alternatively, this section can also be used to deliver diplomatic prompts to pay on time. If needed, you can add a warning to customers that continued nonpayment will result in legal action for overdue accounts.

    Create your invoices according to your own system. Take advantage of the opportunities offered in this field to send relevant messages to your customers. It saves time, helps grow your business, and encourages rapid payment.

Invoicing Tips and Best Practices for Handyman Businesses

Handyman services require an enormous variety of skills, including carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills. Travel is an integral element of delivering these services, which is a cost that must be included in invoicing.

Skynova also offers a myriad of services other than tracking invoices to help build your company. Extra accounting services encompass a range of software products that help keep your business going in the right direction.

Follow our best practices to maintain the financial aspect of your handyman business so you can focus on the main job at hand: delivering excellent customer service.

  • Add Banking Detail Options to Each Invoice

    Add your banking details to each invoice. If possible, include a variety of helpful payment methods. Let customers know whether you accept cash, bank deposits only, or if they can pay via credit card. If you do have a website that facilitates online payments, include the link in the "Notes" section.

  • Keep Your Handyman Financial Records in One Place

    As a handyman, this is an invaluable resource to use as you go about your daily business of fixing cupboards, correcting small electrical faults, and installing electrical appliances, air conditioners, or water heaters. No matter whether you specialize or generalize in your work, having a reliable financial system saves time and, ultimately, money.

    Instead of using expensive accounting services, Skynova delivers an alternative to back your handyman operation. Take advantage of this system to keep all financial records easily traceable.

    Knowing how much money is being spent on materials to fix customer problems is as important to cash flow as maintaining correct records of incoming payments, sales tax, and all other related expenses.

  • Plan Your Busy Handyman Schedule Strategically

    Strategic planning for your handyman business may sound excessive but engaging in proper planning helps drive service and business growth. Missed appointments or a too busy or too open schedule can result in lost business.

    Invoice for all of your work, from recurring maintenance on air conditioners to regular appliance repair work for an on-call contract at a local business or school. Schedule regular repair orders for general maintenance at a local college, for instance. Whatever work you do as a handyman must be invoiced as it takes place to avoid bills slipping through the cracks. Your busy operations should be well planned so customer service is optimized. Access Skynova's work orders for better scheduling to manage your handyman workload and invoices.

Skynova Helps Turn Your Handyman Service Into Income

Professional business owners and contractors can conveniently access Skynova's handyman invoice template to keep one part of their business operations on track. Accessing other products, such as a bill of materials, business proposal, or order confirmation, will aid in completing the type of administrative work needed to grow a thriving business.

Accounting, retainers, credit notes, and more software products have been developed to assist small-business growth. For example, customers want accurate estimates before agreeing to the job. You can use our professional estimate to deliver accurate estimates for your next big carpentry job.

Simplify your transaction and business processes with Skynova's comprehensive business solutions to drive sustainable profits for your handyman business today.

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