When you own a cleaning service company, keeping track of invoicing is an absolute imperative. Customers want proof of the services and fees provided for their records, so you need a systematic process that helps maintain accurate financial records.

Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel templates require downloads and heavy customization, but Skynova can help you customize your invoicing system in a matter of a few minutes with a free invoice template. Our template even allows you to send invoices straight to your customers onsite or create a PDF version for later delivery. Check out the template we've made below just for your cleaning business:

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How to Create a Cleaning Invoice

Entrepreneurs typically like to focus on the more hands-on parts of their cleaning business. Growing the customer base, checking that employees deliver high-quality services, and ensuring they get to the job on time are all priorities. Invoicing is usually a secondary concern; however, it should be at the top of the list.

With Skynova's invoice template, you can now bump this task up to the "quick and easy" category on your daily list. Follow these simple steps to produce professional invoices for your cleaning services, products, and extras because good billing practices mean that you get paid faster.

  1. Add Your Company Name and Customer Contact Information

    Part of creating the perfect business invoice is accuracy. Inputting correct details is self-explanatory, but distractions during a busy day can interfere with this element. Try to create invoices during quiet times, so correct customer details are captured. Faulty details are annoying to customers, confuse your process, and reflect badly on your business reputation.

    In addition to including your business name and contact information, double-check that the customer's name and information are correct as well. If business dealings with certain customers are confined to online communications, you can use the address field to replace a physical address with an email or phone number. Only move onto the following step once you are satisfied that the customer's contact information has been correctly captured.

  2. Include Your Unique Invoice Number

    Good business practices require equally good bookkeeping and accounting practices. Invoice numbers may seem unimportant, but they are vital to maintaining accurate records. Just like accuracy in customer addresses is essential, a seamless invoicing system is indispensable in constructing a system that works well.

    Using a unique invoice number can help improve your record-keeping and tracking process. You need to know which invoice numbers are associated with individual customers to avoid cost duplications. Once a duplication has taken place, it is time-consuming to determine whether you have skipped invoicing another customer, for example.

    Instead of wasting time trying to keep track of a messy system, Skynova's invoice template includes automatic unique invoice numbering. Using our uncomplicated system will help minimize inaccuracies and prevent sending bills to the wrong customers.

  3. Add Your Invoice and Due Dates

    The date of the invoice should be the same as the date the invoice is created. You may have already determined a different invoice dating system to suit your cleaning business practices, and that is OK. However, a good invoice date practice is to produce an invoice on the same day of the service or as soon thereafter as possible.

    Reflection of due dates for payment on the invoice should be discussed with the customer before rendering a cleaning service. Payment instructions vary from 14 to 30 days and often include interest for overdue payments. Although adding interest to late payments is an accepted accounting principle, it may not be suited to a small business, for example.

    Agree on payment dates and terms with the customer before agreeing to do the work. Add these details to each invoice and check for accuracy before moving to the next step.

  4. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Your Supplies

    Your billing methods may include special cleaning products or focus on scrubbing areas with heavy grime. Additional or specific products may be used to clean valuable rugs or expensive upholstery. Either way, Skynova's invoice template caters to the addition of all items provided. There is no need to underpay yourself with this itemized system.

    Describe the products used on the template if this is your preferred billing method. Select "Item" below the address section and choose "Product" from the menu. Write a description of each product used and complete the "Item" section in the same line to the right of the "Description" field, followed by the number of units used under "Quantity." Add an extra line for each product as you complete the invoice.

    Getting paid for your home or office cleaning services and all the materials utilized is critical so that you do not lose money by delivering free services due to the omission of complete costing practices. Accuracy is key to correct billing and getting paid on time. To achieve this goal, the invoicing system conveniently totals all supplies as you add each unit item and its quantity.

  5. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Your Labor

    Control how you bill your customers in terms of labor in this section. Maybe you charge a flat rate per square foot, each room, or specialized house cleaning services requiring extra time. It doesn't matter whether you charge by the hour or a flat rate based on the size of the space cleaned. What matters is that Skynova's free cleaning service invoice template gives you the option to customize the billing process.

    If you do bill separately for labor, select the "Item" option and go to "Service." Type in a description of the services and input the cost under "Unit Price." Then, select "Quantity" to complete this part of the template.

    Add a new line to charge for other services or products if needed. Alternatively, select "Product" or "Service" for a simple invoicing process. Include a description, unit price, and quantity before moving to the next step.

    Always agree to services and products before filling out an invoice. Providing a quote or an estimate is a good way to protect yourself and the customer. Upfront agreement on services and costs is recommended to avoid misunderstanding of what was initially requested and provided. Prior arrangements in writing (quotes or estimates) also mean that you have a written record, which helps to avoid nonpayment down the line.

  6. Enter Any Discounts Provided to the Customer

    Discounts on your cleaning services and/or products is an excellent way to attract repeat and new business. Skynova has provided a space to include discounts on your invoice.

    Choose a discount in the drop-down menu under "Item" and add a description for whether services or products are being discounted. Keep the reason for the discount clear so that the customer will immediately understand what has been discounted.

    The system will indicate the reduced price with a minus sign (e.g., -10). This figure will be visible under the subtotal on the far right.

    Promote discounted prices when advertising your cleaning services on social media. Offer existing customers the opportunity to earn discounts by referring new customers to your company.

  7. Add a Note Describing Your Work and Providing Any Additional Information

    Every business owner who uses this free template will have different needs. As a cleaning professional, you can also use notes to boost trade. Add your social media account in the notes section to make customers aware of ongoing promotional offers. Encourage them to join your social media group or become a follower to benefit from upcoming special offers.

    Use the handy "Note" feature to explain discounts if you want to expand on the "Description" section. Repeat a payment term agreement for a specific customer or invite them to provide a testimonial on your website and give them easy access to the link.

    Essentially, the "Note" feature is another way to increase customer engagement, so use it to your advantage. If this means promoting your office or home cleaning business or encouraging early payment or discounts for early payment, it can only benefit your company.

    You may also want to include your banking details in the "Notes" section to facilitate quick payment.

Invoicing Tips and Best Practices for Cleaning Businesses

Our quick invoicing system allows you to make invoices automatically and on the go. There is no longer any need to purchase expensive software to improve business processes. Neither is there a need to struggle with the manual creation of professional-looking invoices.

Enhance the credibility of your cleaning company with expert invoicing that impresses customers. Maintain a streamlined system that prevents embarrassing slip-ups. Track the value of outgoing cleaning services and products while simultaneously improving the recording of incoming payments.

Your cleaning business relies on accurate costing to profit and grow, and this system helps you do just that. Read through the following cleaning company-specific tips and best practices to get ahead of competitors with proficient invoicing practices.

  • Upfront Agreements Promote Billing and Payment Practices

    Draw up a contract for regular customers stating cleaning, product, and payment details. Specify that any services or products not stated in the agreement will be subject to additional payment as agreed. Easy billing through recurring invoices is also available to maintain accurate records for regular customers.

    Also, create a separate or inclusive service agreement for irregular or one-off customers. These customers can choose from a list of available services, which must include the payment parameters. For example, a request to complete and honor a deposit request will avoid any misunderstanding of how your cleaning business operates.

    Customers should also be able to opt for upfront estimates or quotes to determine whether they wish to proceed with your services, for example. When a detailed agreement is available upfront, everyone understands what is expected.

  • Find Out Details When dealing With Large Customers

    If you are a startup cleaning business and have just landed your first big order, cash flow is crucial for ongoing service provision. Sending out purchase orders, order confirmations, or a bill of materials may be required for some organizations.

    You may also be targeting big customers. If so, be aware that government departments and larger corporations frequently have cut-off dates for billing. Find out what these dates are so that you get your bills in early to avoid waiting another month for payment.

    Find out about the exact requirements so that payments are not delayed. Once you have all the information you need, recurring invoices can be sent out for standard services, which will help you keep track of transactions.

    All cleaning companies need to stay on top of billing if they want to earn a regular flow of incoming cash.

  • Maintain Accurate Accounting Records for Tax Compliance

    Every cleaning business is legally obligated to pay taxes on their income. Whether you are a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or registered as a C corporation, paying the IRS is a priority. Charging for cleaning services or products may attract sales tax in your state, which Skynova's invoicing software supports after the invoice has been saved.

    Skynova's accounting software makes compliance simple by providing you with the opportunity to track invoices and maintain financial records in one convenient place. Whether you use a professional accounting service to submit taxes for your cleaning operation or do it yourself, records of all transactions must be available to the IRS on request.

  • An Easy-to-Use Cleaning Service Invoice Template Can Help You Add More Team Members

    Once you have your business or house cleaning invoice template set, it'll be much easier for you to take on more business and hire additional team members to take on new customers. With a blueprint on how to charge customers, your business or house cleaning service can quickly add more team members and customers as needed to grow your operation.

Skynova Helps You Turn Your Cleaning Business into Income

Skynova has developed a comprehensive system to maintain billing for your cleaning services. Use our business proposal to encourage new customers to sign up or present a proposal to financial institutions when looking for investments in your company.

As a small cleaning business, resources are usually scarce, so use free products and features to boost your existing asset base. Access our free invoices, as well as deposit requests, quotes, retainers, and everything else in between to support your business dreams.

You can focus on expanding profits while using our services to help professionalize your administration free of charge. Skynova's business templates are just the start of greater achievements.

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