As a makeup artist, you enjoy a rewarding career helping people look and feel their best. Whether you're getting a bride ready for her wedding day or helping teens prepare for their first prom, you want to give your clients that confidence boost they need to enjoy their special occasion.

To get paid for your hard work, you need to issue accurate, well-organized invoices. This provides clarity for your clients, ensuring that they understand exactly how much to pay you, via which method of payment, and by when. Invoicing is also important for bookkeeping and tax filing purposes.

A makeup artist invoice template will make the job fast and easy, freeing up your time and creative energy to focus on the most important part of your job: your makeup skills.

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Why Use a Makeup Artist Invoice Template?

If you're going to run a successful business as a makeup artist, it's important that you get paid for your services and supplies. An invoice template allows you to create professional-looking invoices easily and quickly.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Efficiency: Create invoices quickly, saving time and energy.
  • Punctuality: The sooner you issue an invoice, the sooner you get paid.
  • Professionalism: Issue organized, attractive invoices that are clear and accurate.
  • Financial organization: Keep track of your client accounts due.
  • Simplified bookkeeping: With all of your invoices neatly organized using a template system, your bookkeeping and tax filing will be easier, too.

As you can see, taking the time to create an invoice template can be immensely useful in the long run. Read on to find out how it's done.

How to Create a Makeup Artist Invoice Template

A well-written invoice will detail the goods and services you've provided your client, how much they owe you as a result, and how and by when they should pay you. Skynova's invoice template makes it easy to create an organized, professional-looking invoice.

You can send your invoice directly with the Skynova system, cutting out the need to write emails or deal with attachments. You'll even be able to see if and when the client has opened the invoice, making it easier to know when you should issue a payment reminder.

What if you need a paper copy of your invoice to give to your accountant, bookkeeper, or tax preparer? No problem: You can download a PDF of your Skynova invoice, which is printable.

Here's how to use Skynova's free invoice template to personalize your very own makeup artist invoice template.

Add Your Name and Contact

Your invoice needs to clearly state your name, business name, and contact information, including email, business address, and phone number. This ensures that your customer knows exactly who is billing them. Plus, if they have questions, they can call you.

This is also important for bookkeeping and tax purposes. For example, your location will impact details like sales tax, which varies between states.

Personalize the Invoice With Your Logo

A well-designed logo can help elevate your freelance makeup artist business, creating a more professional appearance. If you aren't a graphic design expert, consider hiring a freelancer to create a logo for you.

You can add your logo to your Skynova invoice template by clicking "Customization Options" at the top of the page and ticking the "Logo" box. You can then upload your logo image file so it appears on all future service invoices.

Add Your Customer's Name and Contact

Whenever you provide makeup artist services to a customer, make sure to get their full legal name and contact information for the invoice. This ensures that you know exactly how to address the invoice (and gives you the details needed to follow up on unpaid accounts, if necessary).

Obviously, this is a field that you will have to change on a customer-by-customer basis. However, note that a successful makeup artist business may also end up having repeat customers. In this case, you can create a special template for your recurring clients.

Add a Unique Invoice Number

Every invoice you issue should have a unique invoice number. This allows for easy invoice tracking and management, plus simplified bookkeeping and tax filing. For example, the first custom invoice you issue for 2021 might have the invoice number "001."

Note that the Skynova system will automatically "count up" your invoice numbers with each invoice you create. This helps keep your invoicing organized, avoiding duplicate numbers. However, the invoice field is editable; if you need to adjust the numbering for any reason, you can.

Input the Invoice Date and Due Date

Every invoice needs to have an invoice date. Again, this makes it easy to track invoices. Input the invoice date and the due date. Further, you can then easily identify when a payment is past due and you need to send your client a friendly reminder.

You should establish clear payment terms for your makeup artist services — for example, you might request payment in "Net 30." This means that payment is due within 30 calendar days from the invoice date. If your invoice is dated Jan. 1, for instance, you'd put the due date as Jan. 30.

Detail Your Line Items

This is the section that describes exactly what you are charging the customer for. As a makeup artist, you will likely charge your customers a flat rate, such as an hourly rate. Under "Item," click and select "Service." You can then provide a description of the service, as well as the unit price and quantity. The Skynova system will then calculate the line item amount.

When determining your rate, take into account not only your time but also supplies and tools used (e.g., makeup brushes, products, fake lashes, etc.). On average, makeup artists can charge anywhere from $30 to $95 per hour. Your experience, location, and training all influence the price point.

Some makeup artists also sell products alongside their services. Make sure to determine clear pricing for any products you sell, from lashes to setting sprays. In this case, under "Item," click and select "Product." You can then input the description, unit, price, and quantity.

The Skynova system will tally up all of your line item amounts and define the final balance due at the bottom-right side of the invoice. Note that if you have to tally in sales tax (e.g., for selling certain products), you can do so by clicking "Customization Options" at the top of the invoice template and then clicking the "Sales Tax" box.

Add Notes as Needed

The "Notes" section allows you to add further details to your custom invoice. You might use this section to define exactly which payment methods you accept and provide the relevant details. For example, if you accept PayPal, your customer will need your PayPal email address.

The notes section is also a great place to give your invoice a personalized touch by adding a message specifically for the customer. For example, if you did makeup for a bride, you might thank her for trusting you with this task on her special day and congratulate her on her nuptials.

Adding personal touches to a professional invoice can help establish a positive business relationship with your customer. This can increase the likelihood that they will return to you for additional products or services in the future or recommend you to their friends.

Issue Professional Invoices With Skynova

As a makeup artist, you want to focus your energy on your craft — not tedious tasks like invoicing. Skynova helps alleviate the administrative burden with easy-to-use, customizable invoice templates. You can save time and stress by creating a template for your makeup business.

Skynova also offers other tools for business owners that can help support your success, like the Skynova accounting system. This simplifies the process of issuing and tracking invoices even further. Find out more.

Notice to the Reader

This content is meant as general guidance and may not apply to your specific situation. Invoicing requirements vary depending on details like industry and state. Consult a professional accountant to make sure that your invoice meets the relevant legal requirements.

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