If you have a bakery business but have never written a bakery invoice, it could be confusing to understand everything to include. The invoice represents all the pertinent details of the transaction between customers and the bakery. It's an important document for both parties for different reasons.

Invoices can help expedite payment for bakery owners because it represents a formal document that shows exactly what will be delivered on a specific date for an agreed-upon price. The invoice can even prompt timely payment or precipitate a deposit, if one is required. Invoices help bakeries get paid and customers by offering a record of the order and the order details.

Here, we'll discuss all things invoicing: who gets one, who writes them, the details to include, and the best way to invoice your bakery customers. Write a bakery invoice like an expert by following these simple tips.

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What Is a Bakery Invoice?

Let's start with an invoice. An invoice is a document that clearly states the products or services that will be provided by a company or individual — the business — to a client. It should provide all the information needed for the transaction, like the company contact information and the type of product being provided to the client, the amount due for the transaction, and the date of the invoice. It could also include the date of delivery, any partial payment — like a 50% deposit for larger orders — and a company logo.

A bakery invoice then provides a written (or electronic) statement for baked goods from the bakery to the client that details the order and monetary transaction. An example invoice could include the number and kind of cupcakes for the order, how much each cupcake costs, the total amount due, the delivery or ready-for-pickup date, and contact information for both parties: the bakery and the client.

It's a good idea to keep copies of all invoices, both for your own record-keeping and for peace of mind. Invoices will also keep you organized should you have multiple orders in the same week or even on the same day.

Who Writes a Bakery Invoice?

Bakery owners (or home bakers who are selling their baked goods) are responsible for writing bakery invoices. Remember to include the following:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Bakery name, logo (if you have one), phone number, and address
  • Details of the order, including number and type of baked goods to be provided
  • Delivery date and time
  • Total amount due
  • A short note about payment

If you're processing a large order for a customer or just decide it's a good policy, you may want to ask for a monetary deposit and include the payment method and amount. For orders that require a deposit, include the amount paid and the amount remaining for final payment.

Who Gets a Bakery Invoice?

Customers who place an order for a cupcake, cake, or other baked good will expect to get an invoice that details their order. If you, as the bakery order, require a deposit for orders, this document will prompt the first transaction.

Though the invoice conveys important information, it's best to choose a simple design so the information is easily conveyed. That way, customers feel assured their order was taken correctly and know exactly how much is due, when to pay, and the date the order will be fulfilled. Even if you don't require a deposit, you will still need to provide a bakery invoice that details the order and the final amount due. Next, we'll discuss picking the right printable bakery invoice template.

How to Write a Bakery Invoice

While there are many methods you can use to create a bakery invoice — including handwritten — it's much simpler to use a free bakery invoice template for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use: All the information you'll need to fill out is provided.
  • Peace of mind: You'll have a copy of all of your invoices in one place for your own records.
  • Protection: Should an order ever be disputed, you'll have a copy of the invoice.

It's not always worth the effort to use MS Word or Excel because you'll have to create your own template from scratch, fill in all of the details, and adjust the formatting to create a simple, clean invoice.

An easier option is to use an invoice template that you can simply fill in, such as the one offered by Skynova. Here is an easy guide to setting up your bakery invoice:

  • Enter your name or business name
  • Add your address and other contact information in the address section
  • Provide your customer's name, address, and contact information
  • To the right, the date is auto-populated but can be changed if needed
  • The invoice number will auto-generate after creating your first invoice, so pick a sequence of numbers that you like
  • You can input the product under the "Item" heading and a short description of the order
  • Enter the unit price per item and quantity for the order
  • Enter each additional product the same way
  • The amount column will auto-populate
  • When all items are entered, you will have an accurate balance due near the bottom
  • Add any notes — don't forget to say thanks!
  • You can now either save, print, PDF, or send (email) your invoice to your customer. These options are at the top of your invoice.
  • You can add your logo, P.O. number, and enable sales tax calculations with the customization checkboxes at the top.

How Can Invoices Help Your Bakery Business?

The hard part is done — you started your own bakeshop —your dream of owning your own baking business has been realized. Now, it's time to enact your small business plan with a proper invoicing system. Invoices are super important for every order because they help you get paid for services rendered. A great invoice will get you paid even faster.

Choose a simple, easy-to-read design to make it easy for customers to understand. Start the process with a blank invoice or a free bakery invoice template that is editable to each individual order. We'll discuss the benefits of using a template and some dos and don'ts next.

What Are the Do's and Don'ts of Bakery Invoices?

We've gone over what makes a great bakery invoice, who gets and receives one, and made the case for both the business and the customer to keep a copy for their records. Now, let's go through some suggestions for writing a bakery invoice that will help you get paid more quickly.

Bakery Invoicing Do's

  • Do use a free bakery invoice template for peace of mind and standardization purposes.
  • Do provide a bakery invoice for each order.
  • Do include deposit amounts and payment methods on all invoices.
  • Do include all pertinent details of the order, including items, dates, contact info, and total amounts and due dates for payment.
  • Do keep a copy of all orders and invoices somewhere handy.

Bakery Invoicing Don'ts

  • Don't use a template that is overly busy or hard to read.
  • Don't provide an invoice without all of the pertinent information; this is why using a free template tool is such a good idea.
  • Don't forget to include the remaining balances on invoices that include a deposit amount.

Invoices are an essential tool to making your accounting system work for you by helping you stay organized and get paid more quickly.

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Download your invoice as a PDF or send it electronically. Skynova automatically saves all of your saved templates and documents in one place for safekeeping. Visit Skynova's website to get a free downloadable and editable bakery invoice template.

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