The prospect of making money at home is an enticing one. Being able to generate consistent income from the comfort of your house and set your own work schedule is something most people would love to achieve.

If you possess welding skills, then embarking on DIY welding projects can be a great way to generate income at home. In this article, we will outline some simple welding project ideas that you can execute with ease.

Best DIY Welding Projects

As you surely know, there is a myriad of welding projects you can start at home. This list will focus on projects that require basic tools and can be completed in a simple home workshop. Here are some simple projects to consider:

Flag Art

Metal art has been gaining a lot of traction lately. Flag art, in particular, is an extremely popular form of metal art. These pieces can be hung either inside or outside and are relatively easy to create.

Steel Vases

While not as common as porcelain and glass vases, steel vases are still a viable option if you are looking for simple welding projects to sell. Much like any ornamental metal object, these vases can be made of scrap metal or by welding any type of steel plate.

Metal Brackets

Crafting metal brackets is one of the most profitable welding projects you can take on. Brackets are relatively simple to weld and can be made using scrap steel frames. Demand for metal brackets is consistently high as they are used in a wide range of applications, namely shelves and other storage solutions.


Forging candleholders is a cool welding project that is not only simple but also easily scalable. Even a novice welder can create a high-quality candleholder, and the project doesn't require much in terms of costs.

Tractor Forks

Making tractor forks is another great project that can generate a decent income for an experienced welder. Much like metal brackets, demand for these forks is fairly high because of their extensive use in farming. In fact, farmers and plowmen can turn their tractors into a forklift by simply attaching forks to them.

Fireplace Log Crates

Log crates help you avoid touching the hot logs in your fireplace. All you need to make these logs is a simple flat bar. Artisanal-style log crates are especially popular on DIY eCommerce platforms like Etsy.

Serving Bar

Serving bars are made using a MIG welder. The welding process is straightforward and involves wrapping a steel tube on three sides using sheet steel material such as corrugated metal. As for the top, it is made of stainless steel using a rolled edge.


If there is any welding project that can be described as evergreen, it is this one. The process of welding a hammer involves TIG welding and requires you to mount a sturdy handle to the head. The same process can be used to create other similarly shaped tools such as fireplace pokers.

Coffee Table

Creating industrial coffee tables is another great project that can be completed using reclaimed metal. Coffee tables made from metal have an industrial look that enhances the decor of any room. The entire frame of these tables is made from reclaimed metal, whereas the top consists of a thin layer of wood.

Wood Stove

Making a wood stove at home requires a steel drum and a cast iron door. DIY wood stoves offer a cheap alternative to store-bought ones and are easily sellable on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Metal Trellis

This welding project features an open-frame design, which makes it accessible to beginners with basic welding skills. Metal trellises are used by professional gardeners and hobbyists alike.


Making a doorbell is a simple project that requires minimal welding. To complete it, you just need some scrap metal and a small argon cylinder.

Fire Pit

A well-made homemade fire pit can be used either indoors or outdoors. To create a fire pit, you need to use welded framing to weld a pit out of an empty propane tank. Make sure that the tank is empty before you start the process.


Screens and guards for fireplaces and cast-iron stoves are some of the top-selling home accessories. To make a custom fireguard, you need to use a MIG welder, and a metal cutting chop saw.


People who enjoy a BBQ are always looking for affordable smokers. You can build one yourself using a simple MIG welding machine.

Wine Rack

Because of their compact size, wine racks are easy to sell online. All you need to start this project is a set of horseshoes of varying sizes. Be sure to check the size of each one to make sure that wine bottles can fit in with ease.

Utility Trailer

Utility trailers have a wide range of use. Handymen and other home improvement professionals often use them to move heavy objects, which is why they need to be sturdy and well welded. Make sure that the frame is welded together and that the wheels are secured to the base.

Coat Rack

A coat rack is a ubiquitous item that is guaranteed to sell well. To make a coat rack at home, clamp down a set of horseshoes and weld them together.


Much like wine racks and coat racks, making bookends is a project that requires welding horseshoes together. While the process is rather simple, getting the right angle when welding the two horseshoes can be tricky for a beginner.

Tray Tables

A tray table can be used as a side table, a laptop stand, and even a dining table. The simple design of these tables requires little welding and is suited to the skill level of novice welders.

Garage Shelving

To make shelving for garages, you just need some sturdy metal tubes and a wooden plank that sits on top of the brace. Making sure every piece is properly measured is essential to ensuring the integrity of the shelving unit.

Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps provide a valuable service to a vulnerable segment of the population. These ramps are simple to make and are used to facilitate both home and commercial access.

Car Ramp

Mechanics and hobbyists use these ramps to work on cars. While this project is relatively expensive, it can generate high income once you have found a few clients.


Metal lampshades are a sturdier alternative to flimsy fabric lampshades. If you have access to scrap steel, you can weld sleek-looking and durable lampshades that are easy to maintain and clean.

Animal Sculptures

If you are an experienced welder, making intricate animal sculptures is a project to consider. Artwork made of stainless steel can serve as a great decorative item in any room. Such art pieces are especially popular on Etsy.

Steel Washer Bowl

Steel washer bowls are one of those cool wedding projects that look more complex than they are. In reality, however, making these bowls is fairly simple and can be completed in a matter of hours. Keep in mind that you can add colorful paint to the stainless steel to give the bowl a more personalized feel.

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Notice to the Reader

The content within this article is a general guide and may not apply to your specific situation. Always consult with a professional welder to ensure you are meeting safety standards.