Pizza is a delicious staple food that consumers enjoy by the million. Pizza Hut and Papa John's might be standard household names for pizza companies, but these two chains are not the only places to grab a slice. Pizza chains like Little Caesars, Marco's Pizza, Toppers Pizza, Pizza Factory, Donatos, Domino's Pizza, Hungry Howie's Pizza, Jet's Pizza, Rosati's Pizza, and Cici's pizza business might also ring a bell. Markedly, there are also notably delicious pizza franchises that have taken on a more modern approach to the industry, like offering healthy alternatives or apps with easy delivery functionalities.

From Michigan to Detroit and New York, food franchises are a staple within communities. Who doesn't love some Italian carryout for a quick and tasty dinner? As a growing industry, operating or owning a pizza franchise like Papa John's Pizza or Domino's Pizza can be a very lucrative business. In fact, the average pizza store owner of a local Pizza Hut franchise could make more than six figures per year. Of course, profitability will vary depending on the market your store operates in, as well as overhead costs such as labor expenses, cost of supplies and materials, and other fees.

From up-and-coming delivery platforms to traditional pies from fast food companies that got started in the 1960s, keep reading to discover the best pizza franchises to watch and how you can own and operate your own.

Best Pizza Franchises to Be Aware of

Franchised businesses are corporate-style brands that allow individual site locations to be owned and operated by an entity separate from corporate ownership. Owning a franchise is a great way to open up a new revenue stream for your net worth and makes for a great investment opportunity if you choose to partner with the right brands.

If you're ready to learn more about the thriving pizza franchise industry, you've come to the right place. Here are the top four pizza companies to keep on your list for potential pizza franchise opportunities to invest in.

Blaze Pizza

Currently, there are 313 Blaze Pizza franchises in operation on the market. The Blaze Pizza brand was only founded a few years ago in 2012 and has grown significantly throughout five countries and 42 states. As a ‘fast casual' pizza franchise, the brand offers customers the opportunity to personalize their pies - a pizza trend that has been growing over the years. In addition, the restaurant offers healthy, artisanal ingredients that can be used to customize a slice or a pie. Combining speed with consistently fresh, healthy, and delicious ingredients is this franchise's motto. Co-founders Rick Wetzel and Elise Wetzel saw their dream of creating the ‘Chipotle of Pizza' come to fruition with the brand's revolutionary approach to the foodservice industry. The brand's headquarters offer additional information on the franchise application process and a FAQ to make your decision easier. The franchise fee averages at around $30,000.

California Pizza Kitchen

The origin of California Pizza Kitchen, also known as CPK, dates back to the 1980s on the west coast. At the time, the innovative ‘California style' of healthier pizza with less grease and more variety in toppings saw its humble beginnings. Currently, the franchise operates in over 15 countries worldwide, with upwards of 300 restaurant locations. What's particularly unique about the CPK brand is that it offers customers a unique dining experience with quality ingredients at affordable prices. In addition, the restaurant chain has an expansive menu that extends past pizza, making it a restaurant that appeases many appetites. With hopes of continued global and domestic expansion, the restaurant franchise is open to investment partners looking to grow with the pizza industry.

MOD Pizza

Founded in 2008 by Scott and Ally Svenson, MOD Pizza franchises currently operate in 91 locations across the states. The brand prides itself on treating employees like family. The idea behind the brand is the foundational concept that happy employees who are taken care of directly correspond with happy customers and a profitable business that will operate with ease. Most importantly, the franchise offers uniquely quick bake times for customized pizza in 800-degree ovens. Moreover, the franchise opts to partner with strong entrepreneurial professionals with a similar passion for serving a community as a positive force of influence and ingenuity. Prior to submitting a franchise application for MOD Pizza, make sure to check the market in the state you hope to start a location in. There is a good chance that the franchise has specifically developed a comprehensive growth strategy for a given state, a plan that you could very well be a part of! The franchise fee averages at around $30,000.

Slice Pizza

Slice Pizza is a fairly new player on the pizza scene. The franchise, Slices, operates similar to Grubhub and Doordash but specializes in drive-through pizza and pizza deliveries for local communities. The pizza platform allows customers to create accounts and have local pizza slices delivered right to their door, with promotional opportunities to get free pizza over time with more usage. As a pizza industry startup, the franchise system operates on a unique business model. The franchise benefits both local pizza shop owners and the consumer, thanks to low delivery fees. The pizza takeout platform is currently accepting franchise applications for single unit and area developers, should any investors be on the market for an interesting opportunity.

How to Open a Pizza Franchise

Once you've done your research on the pizza franchise market, you're ready to open your own franchise location. But to successfully own and operate a pizza franchise, there are certain factors that you need to consider before opening.

First, you will need to confirm any initial franchise fees for your pizza restaurant. As a franchise owner, this initial investment may weigh heavily in determining your choice to become a franchisor as a franchise owner. These are standard fees that you must pay per restaurant to operate a certified franchise location. Each franchise will also have different approaches to royalty fees and possible advertising fees.

Next, you will want to confirm with development representatives of the franchise regarding any requirements or criteria that a given franchise may have to operate under their brand name. This would include information like Franchise Disclosure Documents, or FDD, which will help you make an informed decision regarding the franchise investment.

Afterward, you will proceed in completing your application with the franchise. The application process and timeline will vary depending on the franchise. Typically, most franchises will require you to sign a franchise agreement, pay any fees associated with the franchise brand, and start searching for a franchise location once your application is approved. Some franchises offer real estate resources to assist with your search for the best location and development assistance while you build your franchise.

Once you've acquired the right licenses and permits for your restaurant and your franchise site has been fully developed, you are ready for business! So schedule a grand opening and start promoting your pizzeria.

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