A few years ago, only a tiny percentage of the workforce had an opportunity to work remotely. However, more and more employees are working from home, driven by both technology and COVID-19.

That said, if you're a business owner that hires remote employees—whether big corporations or small businesses, you probably know the importance of time clock software in terms of reduced labor cost and accountability. However, various employees' time tracking software has varying features and functionality. And as such, before shopping for an employee time clock app that is right for your business, you must first define the specific features your business needs. This article will detail the key features to look out for and the best remote time clocks.

6 Features to Look Out for When Choosing a Time Clock App for Remote Workers

The features to look out for depend primarily on budgeting and your business-specific needs. However, once you've decided to adopt the time clock systems or attendance software, you should look out for the following.

Accuracy and Flexibility

A remote time clock must be capable of keeping perfect and accurate timing; otherwise, the whole purpose of using one is betrayed. In addition, it must be flexible enough to allow employees to clock in and out through various devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Therefore, a remote time clock with a mobile app version is a great choice.

Additional Features

While flexibility and accuracy are vital, an excellent remote time clock should come with additional features to help you streamline operational workflow and reduce workload. Aside from paid time off (PTO) tracking, overtime tracking and taking photos when punching in or out, advanced features like GPS tracking, facial recognition, and IP address locking should be considered. In addition, it'd be best to tackle buddy punching or time theft if it has a Biometric option, especially if you're experiencing that among your staff. Additionally, it must have a proactive real-time alert available to notify you when employees violate labor laws, such as doing beyond maximum allowable overtime.

Fast Integration with Other Apps

It would be best if you looked out for apps that enable seamless integration with other apps or software you're using. Thus, they can work with your pre-installed HR and payroll program. Payroll integration is incredibly vital, considering that payroll processing and time tracking go hand in hand. Look out for remote time clocks compatible with Gusto, Rippling, and other payroll solutions.

Excellent User Interface

A remote time clock should be user-friendly, simple, and easy to navigate. It shouldn't require a lot of training for employees to get the hang of it. Additionally, installation and accessibility shouldn't be complex. A clean-looking and user-friendly system enables your remote employees to accomplish more tasks on their own.

Employee Scheduling and Team Messaging

Some employees' time clock incorporates online schedule builder and inbuilt messenger for seamless communications among individuals and team members.

Pricing and Great Customer Support

Remote time clock systems that have the best features will likely be pricey. However, there are still low-cost systems that come with the best features. Another factor you should look out for is customer support. You can get an idea of the efficiency and professionalism of customer support through reviews across social media platforms or reviews websites.

8 Best Time Clock Apps for Remote Worker

There are various time clock apps for the business owner to choose from which may or may not meet the business-specific needs. However, after days of researching and comparing features, we think the following 8 have features that'll appeal to most small business owners.

When I Work

For businesses such as restaurants, eateries, hotels, and retail stores that run shifts, When I Work is an ideal time-tracking and attendance solution that does not just track employees' work shift arrangements; it also includes a photo clock-in option to prevent a worker from clocking in for another worker. Remote workers can use either the desktop or mobile app to track their time. With When I Work, you can sync time clocks with some payroll platforms. Other additional features include PTO management, overtime alerts, break schedules, labor reports, geo check-in, etc. Small business owners with less than 100 employees can register for $2 per user for a month, while large business enterprises will need to contact customer support for pricing.

  • Helps track labor costs
  • Prevents buddy punching (i.e., clocking in for other employees)
  • The free version comes with limited features.


Connecteam is an all-in-one employee management app that enables team communication aside from tracking time. Other vital functionalities include: clock in and out, GPS tracking, employee scheduling to dispatch jobs and schedule shifts, and creating checklists and forms for automated workflow. An additional feature you can get with Connecteam is integrating the company's policies and training materials to enhance employees' skills with real-time notifications. Pricing starts at $39 per month for the first 50 users, and then it charges $0.5 per month for each additional user.

  • All-in-one employee management app
  • Easy to navigate
  • GPS coordinates may not be reliable.
  • Most great features are only available for high subscribers.


Clockify is a time tracker and timesheet app that offers excellent employee time tracking. It allows employers to track work hours across projects using web browsers, desktop apps, or mobile apps. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users. Its features include time tracking, clocking system, project management, report management, and fast integration with other apps like Trello, Asana, Jira, etc. Clockify is very suitable for small businesses as it offers free services for unlimited users.

  • Free forever
  • Available for unlimited users
  • Invoices can't be created.
  • It does not have screenshots capabilities


Toggl time clock app is known for its ease of use and convenience. Business owners can understand what employees are working on and the time it takes to finish the work through the project dashboard. It also sends a reminder if you forget to start the timer. You can use Toggl to integrate with many popular apps. Other features of Toggl include project and revenue tracking, team scheduling, and management of employees' workday or workweek. Additional features include auto tracker and calendar integration. Toggle is a one-click timer that you can access using both the desktop and mobile apps. Users can access the free version of the software or pay for as low as $9 per month to access higher features.

  • Ability to integrate with over 100 apps
  • Free version available
  • It does not have an invoicing feature.


Jibble is one of the best employee time clock apps for tracking employee hours for remote work. You can use it to track your employees for attendance, payroll, and projects irrespective of where they are working from. Features such as GPS location, kiosk mode, timesheets data for payroll, automatic overtime, view time cards on the go, and project costs allow business owners to keep tabs on employees' work progress. It has an additional feature of a selfie clock-in to prevent clocking in or out for others. You can track anywhere and from any device. The price for the Jibble premium plan is $1.50 per month for each user, but you can also access the free plan for unlimited users.

  • Great customer support
  • Location tracking
  • It has limited features with the free version.
  • It is not too user-friendly.


Hubstaff is a multi-purpose time clock app for remote workers that employers can use to monitor every project's progress and details of employees' activities. It is an accurate and efficient time tracking app that incorporates GPS tracking, online timesheets, and automated payroll integration. It also supports mobile time clocks for easy access with smartphones. Hubstaff can seamlessly integrate with many project management solutions such as Github, Jira, Paymo, Redbooth, etc. With 60-days money-back guarantee, you can start using Hubstaff for as low as $7 per month for a user. You can also get a free 14-days trial to check out all its features.

  • Very user-friendly
  • Online time clock feature
  • It has no option for live chat.


Timecamp is another excellent time clock app for remote teams with multiple benefits and features. At a glance, you can see who is on the clock and know how much time they spend performing tasks. It also helps employers in creating invoices with billing rates and tracking attendance. Additionally, it incorporates automated time tracking and also allows employees to request time out. Moreover, TimeCamp offers integration with numerous apps used for project management. Pricing starts at $5.25 per month for each user with a 14-days free trial. Of course, you can also go for the free version with limited features.

  • Easy to use
  • Ability to integrate with other apps
  • It may not be mobile-responsive for some mobile devices.

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Notice to the Reader

The 8 main remote clocks we explained were selected based on some features that we think are vital for every business and may not work in your specific situation. You can research more on other time clock apps to know what suits you best.