For people seeking business advice, the Service Corps of Retired Executives, or SCORE, can offer an excellent place to seek mentorship for a startup or similar small business. The nonprofit organization offers a variety of benefits and features that can help business people learn how to improve their ability to engage customers and grow their organization. The low-cost options make SCORE an attractive option for many entrepreneurs and small business owners.

If you have begun to consider if joining SCORE would be right for you, we will explore six key things you need to know about the organization. Review these so you feel confident and familiar with the organization as you move forward and see what the group can do for you.

How Did SCORE Form?

SCORE dates back to 1964 when the founders organized it to help support entrepreneurs and small business owners. It serves as a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), bringing together some of the most qualified minds in the business world to support those working to build their own organizations.

What Does SCORE Offer Members?

Those who turn to SCORE find that it provides them a wealth of learning opportunities. One of the biggest draws for many entrepreneurs includes the opportunity to receive mentoring from experienced business executives. These mentoring programs can be done face-to-face, although the pandemic has hindered many in-person meetings, or it can be done through emails or other virtual platforms. The business mentors themselves come from a background with extensive executive experience. They can provide guidance on areas such as business plans or help with understanding the market for a particular product or service. They do not provide official legal or accounting advice, but they can give business leaders insight regarding when they should seek advice from a professional in these fields.

Professionals who pursue these services appreciate that they can receive this free business advice from those who have followed a similar path themselves when building a business. The confidential business advice can help entrepreneurs uncover problems or obstacles they might not have previously discovered and can help them see a better path forward.

In addition to this personal insight, SCORE offers webinars, seminars, and workshops, as well. These SCORE workshops allow business owners to meet other entrepreneurs working to build businesses in the same region. This networking situation offers the perfect time for professionals to exchange ideas and insights to help other local businesses.

The information offered by the executives in these workshops can serve as templates for busy emerging business owners as they build their business plans, conduct market research, and create other essential building blocks for their new organization.

How Do Retired Executives Join SCORE?

Retired executives interested in joining SCORE will find that the process involves an application and a resume submission. The nonprofit group wants to bring together professionals who have genuine, valuable experience as executives in various fields. They work to match business owners with mentors who have experience in the area where they have questions.

The volunteers who end up working with SCORE often fall between the ages of 60 and 70 (though they are certainly not required to be above or below a certain age). Once they submit an application and it is accepted, SCORE mentors will have a 90-day probation period in which the organization will see how these former business executives perform in their new roles.

The SCORE volunteers speaking to clients do have some restrictions. Namely, they cannot accept positions at the companies they mentor. Even if they like the business idea, they must remain volunteer mentors for the business leader.

Joining SCORE offers those who have years of experience leading businesses the opportunity to give back to their local community and support other new business owners starting out on a similar path.

How Many People Are a Part of SCORE?

SCORE is a nationwide organization. An estimated 10,000 business executives volunteer to provide guidance on topics related to business management and success. Since the beginning, it has served about 7.2 million small businesses, making a difference in the trajectory of many of these new organizations.

Does SCORE Successfully Help People?

Another common question of those interested in the value of SCORE revolves around whether or not the ideals of the group translate to any tangible success in working with small business owners. In fact, the opportunity to speak with executives who have experience in building an organization and creating successful client relationships has proven to provide immense value for many small business owners.

One survey found that 27% of respondents decided to either cancel or at least delay particular business plans because of the conversation they had with their local community SCORE advisor regarding their business development idea. In other words, the mentor helped them uncover potential problems or shortcomings in their plan, alerted them to these issues, and helped them pause and rethink their ideas to find a solution.

The SCORE professionals also help businesses across a wide spectrum of industries pair entrepreneurs with mentors who have experience in similar fields. This can help amplify the success of the organizational structure, as those seeking advice know that they receive it from others who have been in a similar position. In other words, it is not a human resources executive attempting to advise someone building an accounting firm. This alignment encourages a solid understanding between the mentor and the mentee.

Are There Any Requirements for Businesses Requesting Services?

Many people interested in speaking with a SCORE mentor also want to know if they have to overcome any particular trials or meet certain requirements before they can seek mentoring for their existing business or a new business. Fortunately, those seeking mentoring services will not find themselves subject to any particular membership requirements. All they need to have is a desire to seek out and learn from the professionals who have already overcome many of the same problems.

To access these services offered for America's small business and entrepreneurial leaders, you will simply need to contact your local SCORE chapter. Visiting can help you learn more about contacting your local SCORE office, which can help you get started on the path to success. From the site, you can request an appointment and start getting matched with a mentor to answer your questions and provide you with some guidance. While you are on the site, you can also learn about local workshops and accessible webinars that might interest you and provide you with additional learning opportunities.

If you want to join SCORE, you can get started immediately. See what you can learn when you speak with other professionals who have experience in business management and growing an organization.

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Notice to the Reader

The content within this article is meant to be used as general guidelines for joining mentorship organizations and may not apply to your specific situation. Always consult with a professional accountant to ensure that you're meeting accounting standards.