House cleaning professionals can quickly provide customers with estimates with Skynova's free estimate template. Once created, you can send the estimate to your customer with an URL or a free download of a PDF format directly to their email. Once they accept the estimate, you will be able to see this online. Sending polished estimates to customers sends the right message that your cleaning company means business and that their business is important to you.

Despite some business owners still using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats to create estimates, these methods don't provide the benefits of Skynova's suite of business products. Skynova enables online creation, saving, storing, and tracking estimates and related documents without needing to download any files or software.

What Skynova's estimate software amounts to is that payments become a much quicker, smoother process, and you can get started right here, right now. If you're a professional cleaner, check out the template we've made below just for your business:

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How to Create a Cleaning Estimate

Follow the simple steps below to ensure that you include everything necessary to deliver a professional estimate for your house cleaning service. By using Skynova's estimate template, you can easily create your own estimate, just like the one above.

It is simple, intuitive, and quick to complete this printable job estimate form. Our guide is simply there to remind you about a few essential points, such as creating an estimate by cleaning pricing per square feet, by service provided, or by room.

Whatever you decide, you can become familiar with the step by step form details below to create and share your estimate in a matter of moments.

  1. Add Contact Information for Your Home Cleaning/Commercial Cleaning Business and Your Customer

    Type in the address of your office cleaning or residential cleaning business. However,when you describe yourself or whatever business name you use, make sure that your customer will recognize your name and address as being the sender of the estimate. Details are important here because you don't want the customer to think that a mistake has been made and ignoring this communication.

    Similarly, be sure that you enter the customer's contact information accurately on the form. If the arrangement is to only send documents to the customer online, their email should be included, in addition to their telephone number.

  2. Include a Logo to Distinguish Your Cleaning Business

    A cleaning logo that clearly shows what your business's focus is adds another professional touch to the cleaning business estimate form. Click on "Want to customize your estimate? Show Customization Options" near the top of the estimate template page to reveal the "Logo" option. Select "Browse" at the right of the estimate form and upload your business image from a computer file. Select "Save," and you're done.

  3. Provide an Original Number for Your Estimate

    Provide a unique number on your estimate form. Inserting an original number helps you to keep track of estimate amounts, customer details, and contents. An exclusive number also provides you with a trackable document number to refer to for follow-up services.

    To add further value to your new Skynova business administration system, link a purchase order (P.O.) number to the estimate, situated at the top of the estimate template page (to the right of the "Logo" option). Skynova has included this feature for owners of cleaning businesses who want to automatically convert estimates to invoices on acceptance. This is just one more valuable thing that makes your business administration much easier.

  4. Type in an Accurate Estimate Date

    All business owners have their own policies when it comes to dating estimates. Simplify the process by typing in the date on which the estimate is created. This way, both you and the customer know that if you use the "Notes" section to place a time limit on the validity of the estimate provided, the document was dated accurately.

  5. Include Cleaning Supply Costs

    If you charge separately for cleaning supplies, then select "Item" and choose "Product." Write in a description of what product has been offered. For example, you may charge for an additional fee for carpet cleaning or window cleaning products if these items are extra grimy.

    Make your description clear enough for your customer to understand. Rather than using an identifying number of a product or supply on your cleaning price list, for example, clearly state that window cleaning fluid was used. Customers need to know what they are paying for, so instead of using vague terms, be clear about what you are charging in the estimate.

    A deep cleaning may also mean that additional products must be used beyond normal limits to do an excellent job. Next, add the price of the supplies, followed by how many units of each product or supply will be used to do the job. Use an extra line for each supply if necessary.

    It is vital that you provide an accurate estimate of all of your supplies so that you make a profit from your hard work. Once the estimate has been sent, it will be too late to retract the cleaning bid.

  6. Enter an Accurate Estimate of Cleaning Labor Fees

    If you don't use the products/supplies feature, you will have to use one of the other options to create an estimate for your labor. Note that you can charge for labor and services in one estimate if preferred.

    Under "Item," select "Hours" or "Days," depending on whether you charge an hourly rate or per day. Enter a description of the type of cleaning services, and add a price per hour or day under "Unit Price." Then, add how many hours or days will be required to do the cleaning job under "Quantity" to arrive at a total.

    Alternatively, you can use the "Services" option to charge for square feet to be cleaned, a maid service, or janitorial services. If you have agreed on a fixed price with the customer, specify this under "Services," include the description as being a "fixed price by agreement," and type in the unit price specified, followed by "1" under "Quantity."

    How you charge depends on you, but it is vital to make this clear under the description. Always focus on accuracy in the bid proposal, so both you and the customer are clear about the charges quoted and that you are paid fairly for your hard work.

  7. Enter a Discount to Promote Your Cleaning Proposal

    Choose "Discount" from the "Item" dropdown menu if you want to promote your cleaning business. Type in the reason for the discount under "Description." Include a figure under "Unit Price" and add a number under "Quantity" and the discount amount will be deducted from the other costs on your estimate.

    A discount is typically offered to loyal customers, first-time customers, or for referrals of new business. A loyalty discount is a positive way to show customers appreciation for regular business and referrals. Use discounts as often as you like, as this is a valuable technique to promote your cleaning business or provide special discounts on any of your other cleaning services.

  8. Include a Note to Give Customers More Information About Your Cleaning Services

    Use the handy "Notes" section to offer more context for line items if the "Description" space is insufficient. You can use this section to explain why a discount has been offered or notify customers that additional requests may be excluded from the price provided in the estimate.

    The "Notes" section can be used to provide other information to customers. For example, explain that a cleaning quote may follow acceptance of the estimate or that the estimate is only valid for 10 days (or longer). You may simply want to use this section to thank a customer for their valued service. This is your chance to promote your cleaning business, so use it wisely.

Tips and Best Practices for Cleaning Estimates

Apply our tips and best practices for the cleaning industry to extract greater value from Skynova's comprehensive business support system. Follow tips to get all of your financial administration processes sorted for easy tracking and encourage rapid payment. Store everything in one place for easy access so that you can concentrate on what matters most - taking your cleaning company or small business to new heights.

  • Market Your Professional Cleaning Company Directly on Any Customer-Facing Documents

    Access a variety of free templates on Skynova to market your cleaning services. Use the "Notes" section on the free invoice templates, quote templates, and estimate templates to inform customers of free or discounted services. For example, you could add a free carpet cleaning service for every 10 times that you deliver an office cleaning service. Or you could offer a free window cleaning promotion for every $500 spent to the value of $50.

  • Quickly Convert Residential Cleaning Estimates Into Invoices to Speed Up Business Acquisition

    By using Skynova's free estimate template, you also can automatically convert your estimates into invoices if the estimate is accepted. Automation of this process helps with planning your cleaning business schedule and aids in making customer order tracking quicker. Additionally, the system seamlessly encourages rapid customer payments to keep your cash flow in a healthy status.

  • Online Cleaning Estimates Promote Customer Acceptance

    Because you can generate estimates online and send links to customers anywhere at any time, they can immediately view and accept the estimate by accessing the online link. No burdensome paperwork - just a quick click of the button, immediately followed by an invoice. Do the job and get paid quicker because of novel business systems that support your cleaning company's financial processes.

Grow Your Cleaning Company With Skynova's Support

Our free estimate template is designed to aid busy cleaning companies so that they can concentrate on their core business. By providing a quick, easy completion estimate for deep cleaning, maid services, or others - cleaning professionals can quickly get back to promoting their services.

Also, our software options help keep all of your company's cleaning invoices and accounting in one place. You will never have to spend your time again by looking for paperwork.

Don't waste any more time or energy when you can use free estimates and many other Skynova products to keep track of administration so that you focus on growing your cleaning business customer base.

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