One of the best ways to gain new plumbing work is to submit bids to customers. Skynova software makes it incredibly easy to create a professional plumbing bid in minutes. Once you customize your free plumbing bid template, our platform allows you to download it as a PDF or immediately send it as a private link via email. Customers can accept the business proposal with a click. We'll then quickly send you a notification that you've won the job.

Creating a plumbing bid in another program like Microsoft Word or Excel is possible; however, you'll find our bid proposal template is much easier to use. We've already created a smooth layout so that you don't miss a detail. We also help you stay organized by tracking each bid and its status online. If you're a plumber, check out the template we've made below just for your business:

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How to Create a Plumbing Bid

Skynova's bid template makes the life of a plumber much easier. To create a plumbing bid, all you have to do is start typing at the top of the document and work your way down to the bottom. When you're done, take a minute or two to proofread, add your logo, and any important extra details in the notes.

Whether you're pitching your plumbing services to a homeowner or a general contractor, it's important to create an accurate and high-quality plumbing bid. Make a list of estimates for the job, and follow our steps below to create a bid today.

  1. Include Information About Your Customer and Plumbing Business

    In the "From" section of the bid, you'll want to clearly identify yourself so that a customer can recognize you. You'll also need to add your address and any other contact information the customer may need to get in touch. It's important that you are easily recognized, so your bid won't be discarded or overlooked for another.

    In the "To" area, double-check that you have the correct name and address for your customer and enter the details into the corresponding box. If you deal exclusively with this customer online, you may not need to enter a physical or mailing address. You could just include their email address and phone number so that you can reference it when needed.

  2. Upload Your Plumbing Business Logo

    Adding a logo to the plumbing proposal template adds a touch of professionalism to your bid. It also helps customers recognize who they are dealing with at a glance. Skynova makes it easy to upload the image file of your choice.

    To add your logo, click on the "Show Customization Options" hyperlink at the top of the template. On the new menu that appears, check the box next to "Logo." You'll see a new section appear on the top right-hand corner of the template that says, "Your Logo Here." Click the "Browse" button below this space to find the image file you would like to upload.

  3. Pick a Plumbing Bid Number

    Next, you'll want to add your bid number to the bid proposal form. Like invoices, each bid should have a unique number to help you track them and keep them organized. Skynova can also automatically convert a bid into an invoice once it's been accepted by a customer. This feature saves time and reduces the amount of paperwork you need to handle.

    A purchase order (P.O.) number can also be added during this step. To do so, click on the "Show Customization Options" hyperlink at the top of the template. Check the small box next to "P.O. #," and a new box will appear between the bid number and bid date. Enter a unique P.O. number here.

  4. Pick a Date for Your Plumbing Bid

    Under your bid number or P.O. number, you'll add a bid date. You can type it in the box or click on the small blue calendar icon to select a date. The bid date is usually the day the bid proposal form was created or sent. Sometimes, these actions occur on the same day, but other times, you may find yourself sending the bid later than the day you made it.

  5. Calculate the Cost of Your Plumbing Materials

    Being good at estimating the cost of your materials and labor plays a key role in creating an accurate bid. If you estimate too high, you may lose out on the job to a lower bidder. Estimate too low, and you may not earn as much as you should. You don't want to complete work on plumbing systems at a loss.

    To begin, calculate the estimated amounts and costs for each material you'll need on the job. This doesn't include tools, but rather items such as pipes, fittings, and valves. Next, enter each material as a line item on the proposal template. You can add as many lines as you need by clicking on the "+New Line" button.

    To enter a material, start on the left under "Item." Click the downward-pointing triangle to bring up a drop-down menu and select "Product." Move to the next space to the right and enter a description of your material, for example, "2-inch copper fittings." Next, under "Unit Price," input the cost per material item. Finally, enter how many you'll need to use under "Quantity." The total cost for the material will automatically calculate at the end of the line.

    Be sure that your material descriptions can be easily understood by non-expert customers. If only another plumbing contractor can comprehend what you mean, the details need to be expanded on or simplified for your customer. They need to know what they're being asked to pay because if they don't, they may pass your bid over.

  6. Calculate How Much Your Labor Costs

    Now you repeat a similar step in the same area of the template to enter and calculate the cost for your labor. Instead of picking "Product" from the drop-down menu under "Item," choose "Hours." Include details about the labor that's to be performed in the "Description" space. Input your hourly labor cost under "Unit Price" as well as an estimate of the scope of work in hours under "Quantity." The total cost for labor will calculate automatically under "Amount."

    If you don't want to put an hourly rate on the bid, you can instead enter a fixed rate. To do so, type your fixed rate for the labor in the space labeled "Unit Price" and enter "1" under "Quantity." The fixed rate will directly show in the "Amount" column. As with materials, it's very important to accurately estimate the cost of your labor so that you don't over- or underbid.

  7. Include Any Plumbing Discounts

    Offering a discount could be a way to make your bid stand out from the rest. You could include an incentive like a new customer discount, a loyalty discount for returning customers, or a discount for adhering to specific payment terms like cash or check instead of a credit card. To enter a discount on the bid template, click on the drop-down menu under "Item" and select "Discount."

    Then, include the type of discount under "Description" and enter the discount amount in dollars below "Unit Price." The amount will change into a negative number and automatically be subtracted from the bid's subtotal at the bottom of the form.

  8. Leave a Note If Needed

    Skynova offers a "Notes" box on the bottom left of the bid template. You can use it to provide any additional important information you think the customer needs to know. For example, it can be used to further explain any line items listed above it. You could also include alerts for customers about any contingencies that may affect the bid, such as an unexpected rise in the cost of plumbing materials. As you type, the box will expand to accommodate your information.

Tips and Best Practices for Plumbing Bids

Here are a few plumbing bid tips to make sure you're creating the best proposals possible for your customers:

  • Be Qualified to Perform the Work Before You Bid

    Before you bid on a plumbing job, you need to make sure you have the proper licensing to legally perform the work. Plumbing is a closely regulated industry, so most states require licensing. You must understand and abide by local plumbing codes and regulations, too.

    You also want to have the right knowledge and experience needed to complete the work that the customer expects of you. So, be sure you don't bid on a plumbing project that's above your current skills and know-how. The customer will be disappointed that you can't deliver on what you promised in your proposal, and they would likely not hire you again.

  • Be Precise and Thorough With Your Estimates

    To ensure the right profit margin, your financial calculations for materials and labor need to be as precise as possible. A thorough plumbing bid shows a customer you're serious about your work. Put your best efforts out there in the bidding process, and the customer will see how much you really want the job.

    It's also important to take the customer's needs and wants into consideration when crafting your bid. For example, they may want you to use top-of-the-line materials, or maybe they're OK with things that are more budget-friendly.

  • Make It Easy for Customers to Accept Your Bid

    In this modern age, people are busy juggling so many different things. The last thing they want is to be bogged down with more paperwork. Make it easy for your customers to access and accept your bid by providing them with a plumbing bid through Skynova. Simply fill out the bid template and directly email it to your customer. All they need to do is click on a link to see and accept your bid. With Skynova, you could get more work faster and get paid faster, too.

Skynova Can Help You With Your Plumbing Business Today

It's important to act precisely but quickly when work that fits your skill set is open for bidding. Whether you're bidding on new construction, a remodel, or general plumbing services, use Skynova's free plumbing bid template to easily send a professional bid to a customer. You can also use it to submit a construction bid if you're a contractor that can provide plumbing services and more for a construction project.

Whether you're preparing a plumbing or construction proposal, Skynova helps you get your bids out there for consideration so that you can grow your business. Check out our full suite of products, including invoice templates, estimate templates, and additional software products, to simplify the entire process of earning customers' business and getting paid faster today.

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