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Skynova helps you strengthen your customer relationships and easily manage your recurring sales by using subscriptions.

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1. Create a subscription

Whether you're a small business selling the same products to the same customer every week or a contractor offering monthly services for clients, simply add your customer names to a subscription-based invoice.

2. Add your product or service

Recent studies suggest that customers desire the convenience and flexibility of subscriptions, along with the perceived value of a low monthly payment.

With some planning, many services can be turned into anticipated recurring revenue.

Some examples include groceries, personal products or memberships. Even convenient services such as dog walking, lawn mowing, cleaning, massages, gym, or language classes can all be streamlined with subscriptions.


3. Add a customer and schedule your invoices

Whenever you sell your service or product to a new customer, simply add your customer name and set the schedule.

Create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual invoices depending on your business needs.

4. Done!

Invoices are automatically generated and sent when you need them to be.


Create invoices instantly Manage invoices
Add your logo Accept credit cards
Create and manage subscriptions Track payments
Automate invoicing Know when your invoice is viewed
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Feature List

Create invoices instantly

Create professional invoices in the blink of an eye. The Skynova user-friendly invoice template allows you to add as much or as little detail as necessary, including discounts, shipping details, personal thank you messages, and more.

Customize the look of your invoices with your company logo.

Add discounts

Apply discounts or promos to specific subscriptions.

Create and manage subscriptions

Quickly set up your subscriptions. Whether you're selling subscription boxes or club memberships, Skynova makes getting started easy.

Automate invoicing

Never forget to send an invoice again by automating your workflow. Simply set a schedule as you create your subscription.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule to bill weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Accept credit cards

Give your customers the flexibility to pay online and get paid faster. Research shows that invoices are paid an average of 16 days faster (twice as fast!) when paying online is an option.

Setting up online payments is quick and easy. When you send invoices on Skynova, your customers will see a 'Pay Invoice' button above the invoice which allows your customers to pay your invoice right after they receive it.

This service is offered through Paypal, the world's leading online payment solution with more than 325 million accounts.

Track payments

Easily monitor how many customers have balances due with our intuitive list of payments. View the balances due and amounts paid per customer.

Manage invoices

Stay on top of every invoice status by reviewing the list of invoices which contains the most important information about each invoice.

Send payment reminders

Minimize the chance of missed or overdue payments with a friendly reminder. You can customize the message to perfectly fit your brand voice.

Know when your invoice is viewed

No more worrying about whether your invoice has been received or not– know when a customer views your invoice as soon as they do.

Skynova is designed to be as intuitive as possible, but if you need assistance, our Support Team is always ready to help, 7 days a week.

With over 20,000 positive reviews, our representatives are knowledgeable and will assist with any questions you have.

Outstanding Customer Support
based on over 20,000 reviews

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