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1. Create a credit note

Use credit notes to handle refunds or to correct an error in an already issued invoice. Credit notes can be used in any circumstances that would require an invoice to be reissued. You can provide credit notes to customers to notify them that credit is being applied to their account.

On the credit note, you can include any line item, like the products or services, prices, the original invoice number as well as the reason for the credit note.

2. Return credit

After you've issued the credit note, you can record how you returned money to your customer.

3. Accounting done right!

Credit Notes integrates with Skynova Invoicing and Accounting. Keep accurate records and make credit notes part of your invoicing workflow.


Create and send credit notes Duplicate credit notes
Manage credit notes Apply credit to new invoices*
Know when a credit note is viewed Integrates with Skynova Accounting
Convert invoices into credit notes* View full feature list

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Feature List

Create and send credit notes

Instantly create professional credit notes. You can link a credit note to an existing invoice, but you can also create a new credit note from scratch with our intuitive and easy-to-use credit note template.

Manage credit notes

Manage all your credit notes in one place.

Know when a credit note is viewed

When your customer views the credit note, you will be notiļ¬ed by email.

Convert invoices to credit notes

Credit notes help streamline your invoicing workflow. It integrates with our comprehensive *invoicing software, which can be purchased separately as an add-on. With this add-on, you can turn invoices into credit notes in seconds.

Duplicate credit notes

To speed up creating credit notes even more, you can duplicate existing credit notes and make changes as desired.

Apply customer credit to a new invoice

If you've issued credit to a customer and you create a new invoice, you will be able to select the customer's credit when recording a payment on the new invoice.

Integrates with Skynova Accounting

Ensure your accounting is done correctly with Skynova Accounting. When you issue a credit note, it keeps a record of the sale in your accounts while clearly indicating the order was cancelled and funds were returned. See this reflected on your List of Transactions and Income statement so that you don't pay tax on sales that were returned.

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Outstanding Customer Support
based on over 20,000 reviews

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