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What is a bill of sale?

Most states require a bill of sale as proof of purchase. This document exists to legally protect both the buyer and seller in the case of any disagreement in the future. Bills of sale are most commonly used to record the sale of vehicles but can also be issued for any sale of personal property, such as furniture, electronics, or animals. It is the seller's responsibility to draft a bill of sale and include all details of the transaction.


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Create a bill of sale

Skynova makes creating a formal bill of sale a straightforward and seamless experience. The bill of sale template has everything needed for a document expressing the transfer of assets, including the date of purchase, the amount paid, a description of the assets to be transferred, and a guarantee that the item is free from claims, representations or warranties.

Send, print or download

Save your bill of sale, then print, download, or send it online.

Avoid any ownership discrepancies

Skynova's bill of sale documents are designed to help people avoid any future discrepancies regarding ownership or claims. Be sure to add as much detail as necessary to avoid potential headaches.

Store unlimited bills of sale in the cloud

Because a bill of sale proves the transfer of ownership of an asset, it's an important document to keep around. Although Skynova makes printing a bill of sale easy, we also store them in the cloud should you ever lose one!

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based on over 20,000 reviews

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