With the right skill set and tools, you can easily turn your woodworking hobby into a profitable business. DIY woodworking projects can be a lucrative side hustle on websites like Etsy and Amazon, particularly since the materials required to make most of the projects are fairly cheap.

However, to make sure that you make a return on your investment into your hobby, you need to make sure you are choosing to build the right items for your consumers. It is essential to curate woodworking projects that sell to keep your woodworking side hustle or business afloat. After all, the goal is to make sure that you can make money!

How to Determine the Quality of a Woodworking Project

When deciding which woodworking projects to take on, it is also important to have a basic understanding of what makes a woodworking project better than another. Generally speaking, the quality of a woodworking project will be determined by various factors. The two most significant are a woodworker's level of expertise and the type of wood used for a given project.

A Woodworker's Level of Expertise

The quality of woodworking projects can vary depending on the builder's capabilities. It is important to keep in mind that your individual skill level will determine the value of your projects. This skill level will encompass how you approach your project development process from start to finish. It will also influence what types of products you make. When you're first starting, it's best to focus on simpler designs. You can advance to more complex projects later.

Some woodworkers only use power tools for sanding, while others might take a more distinctive approach unique to their practice. Some woodworkers might opt to use table saws and wood glue while others might refrain from using step-by-step traditional wood-making practices. It all depends on a given woodworker's capabilities and preferences.

Regardless of your level of skill, you are still best off creating projects that are sure to be a hit with your consumers. Unfortunately, it is true that some woodworking projects sell better than others. Catering to the market demand will ensure that you are able to make a profit off of your woodworking hobby — and can maybe even turn it into a full-fledged business down the line.

Type of Wood Used for the Project

How well a woodworking project will sell also depends on the type of wood used for the project. Some wood, like mahogany, will sell at a higher price than other items made from a cheaper type of wood that is easier to find, like pine, reclaimed wood, or scrap wood. Redwood, cedar, and cypress are also popular wood types that can help make a durable and bespoke woodwork project. The best-selling wood crafts will be considered high-quality when you use the best type of wood and implement good woodworking plans for all of your woodshop projects and crafts.

Keep reading to discover the most profitable woodworking projects to fuel your passion for lumbar crafts and creations.

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects

If you want your woodshop to focus on wood projects that sell, you might want to do some research on the current marketplace. To save time, we have put together this simple list for you to use.

Here are some of the most profitable woodworking projects you can easily build and sell online or in your local marketplace.

Frames and Other Decor

Think back to the last time you watched a show on HGTV or helped a friend remodel their living room. You likely saw a few decorative pieces made from natural wood. From picture frames to decorative wooden signs and wooden coasters, unique woodworking projects that function as household decorations and wall art always sell like hotcakes. Consumers love upscale decor pieces custom designed by a local artist, even moreso when the items are made by hand from real, natural products. Something as simple as a storage box with an excellent wood stain, sleek floating shelves made from wood, or an easy DIY wooden jewelry box can sell at surmountable prices on the market simply because of how they were made and what they were made from. Consumers are willing to pay more for great projects like these.

Consider sculpting wooden clocks, serving trays, or unique candle holders to sell on the market. Depending on your current project ideas, you might consider selling wooden toys that can serve as functional centerpieces to spruce up a dining room, as well, such as a bespoke chessboard or checkerboard made from real pieces of wood. Versatile decor items like these are easy woodworking projects that sell pretty quickly, especially at places like local craft fairs.

Wooden Storage Beds

Wooden furniture is also a big hit when it comes to woodworking projects. While a bit more time-consuming for a woodworker to create, wooden furniture pieces like bedframes and headboards can be a lovely rendition for consumers to include in their homes. Modern interior design trends have recently taken a liking to woodworking projects in particular. In fact, many homes are opting for multipurpose wooden furniture options with additional storage capabilities.

To keep up with contemporary trends, it is a worthwhile investment for you to take on a wooden storage bed project for your woodworking business. These pieces are sure to sell well as unique home decor DIY projects. Consider making smaller trundle beds for children to start. This gives you the opportunity to hone your skills while working on a smaller-scale project that doesn't require as much wood, saving you on material costs while you perfect your craft.

Utensils and Other Cutlery

A common kitchen staple is a wooden salad bowl or fruit bowl. They are even more popular and visually striking when the items are made from real wood. The popularity of this decorative and functional item makes it another worthwhile woodworking project to consider starting. You might even consider creating matching salad spoons, cutting boards, wine racks, and knife blocks to complement the piece and sell as a complete set.

Other kitchen cutlery and utensils, like wooden bottle openers or wine bottle holders, are also fairly popular for interior design. These items also make great gifts, especially when they are custom designed by the hands of a talented woodworker like yourself. Pallet-style coasters are another option. You can maximize your marketability by selling items individually and as sets. For example, a wooden wine rack, bottle opener, and set of coasters is the perfect gift set.

Patio Furniture

With summer in full swing, now is a great time to invest in patio furniture woodworking projects. Swing beds for a patio and hammocks are a fun way that homeowners can spruce up their front yard for the season. Wood is a great material for birdhouses and planter boxes, making a great addition to any patio, terrace, garden, or windowsill. These relatively easy items are inexpensive to create and are often a big hit on the market due to their bespoke design and appeal.

Some expert woodworkers can expect to make a hefty sum from other patio projects, like rustic log designs, wooden side tables, or coffee tables. Depending on your level of expertise, you might want to consider taking on these patio furniture woodworking projects, as well. Creating items that have both indoor and outdoor appeal will allow you to expand your market. For example, a wooden coffee table with a nice finish can function just as well in a living room as on a patio. You can then sell items regardless of the season.

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