As a handyman, your job involves tackling a wide range of tasks varying in terms of complexity, cost, and the amount of time it takes to complete. This is why it is important to have an invoicing system in place to make sure you are getting paid the right amount at the right time.

To help you set up an effective invoicing system for your handyman business, this article will outline all the elements needed on a handyman invoice and show you how to create a custom business invoice.

How Do Handymen Invoice Customers for Labor?

Due to the flexible nature of the job, handymen need to issue invoices with a clear outline of the services offered and the costs associated with them. Specifying the type of labor used on the job, the fixed or hourly rate you are charging, and the number of hours spent on each project gives the customer a clear idea of what they are paying for and ensures you are properly compensated for your hard work.

Besides guaranteeing transparency and helping both parties keep track of expenses, a high-quality invoice adds value to your handyman company and makes you look more professional to prospective and current customers. In fact, customers are more likely to hire you (and recommend you to prospective clients) in the future if they had a positive experience with your invoicing and billing system.

One of the most important things a handyman should figure out before invoicing customers is whether to charge hourly rates or a flat rate per project. Both options have advantages and drawbacks. When charging per hour for handyman work, you can ensure fair compensation in case the job takes longer than expected. On the other hand, you might end up turning off customers by charging them a rate exceeding their budget.

Charging per project is a good option for experienced professionals who know exactly what each job entails. It is also beneficial for customers, as it allows them to budget properly for their home repair costs. So, there is a risk of getting underpaid if the job extends past your initial estimation.

Free Handyman Invoice Template

Creating invoices from scratch every time you need to request payment from a customer is not a convenient way to approach invoicing. Instead, consider using a free invoice template to create new invoices with a click of a button. A good example of such a solution is Skynova's free invoice template.

To create a sleek-looking invoice, you simply have to fill out the form with information pertaining to the handyman services offered to the customer. Skynova helps you create professional invoices available in both printable and digital formats.

Here are the details listed on a Skynova invoice form:

  • Name and contact information: This is the area of the form where you should include basic information about yourself and your business. This includes your address, phone number, email, and business website.
  • The customer's name and their contact information: This section is for the name and address of the customer.
  • Invoice number: Numbering invoices allows for easier and more accurate bookkeeping. When creating a new invoice using Skynova, the system will automatically increment from the previous invoice so each invoice has a unique number.
  • Due date: This section specifies the deadline for making the payment.
  • Table of items: This part of the invoice details items like the type of labor, hours of work, parts used, and their corresponding price.
  • Subtotal: The invoice should include a subtotal of all the expenses charged to the customer.
  • Notes: In this section, you can include any additional information deemed relevant to the services offered. This can be a specific payment method, a breakdown of a particular expense, or a simple thank-you note.

How to Create a Custom Handyman Invoice

While the basic Skynova invoice template boasts a sleek design suitable for most invoicing purposes, you still need to add some custom elements to make it more personalized to your own business. Luckily, Skynova offers many customization options to help you achieve this in a matter of minutes.

Here is a brief overview of the options available to you:

  • Custom logo: Designing a custom logo is an essential component of building a personalized brand. If you happen to have one, you can easily add it to your Skynova invoice template by clicking on "Logo" in the "Show Customization Options" menu at the top of the invoice form.
  • Sales tax: To help you stay on top of your tax obligations, Skynova gives you the option of adding a sales tax section to your invoices. This reduces the risk of tax filing issues in the future.
  • Purchase order number: The third customization feature Skynova offers you is the option of adding a purchase order number to all your invoices. This is done by clicking on the "P.O. #" button in the customization menu.

Tips for Creating a Handyman Invoice

The key to creating a high-quality invoice is to make the document as clear and easy to understand as possible. Here are some best practices you should follow when billing your customers:

  • Make the invoice simple and concise. When issuing an invoice, you need to avoid including unimportant details and unnecessary design elements, which could make it difficult for the customer to understand every part of the invoice. A clear invoice is a timely paid invoice!
  • Include a clear due date. To make sure you are always getting paid in a timely manner, you need to include a clear due date in all your invoices. State the date in full to not leave any room for interpretation and avoid using ambiguous terms, such as "end of month" and "first working day."
  • Add detailed payment instructions. Operating a handyman business involves dealing with customers of all walks of life, some of whom may not be financially savvy. Including detailed instructions explaining the terms of the invoice will help you avoid payment issues down the line.
  • Avoid general descriptions. When creating an invoice, it is important to be specific regarding the services you offered and the parts you used to complete the job. This will eliminate confusion and save you the hassle of dealing with customer inquiries which could delay payment. Do not be afraid of submitting a multi-page invoice for clarity's sake.
  • Include a thank-you note. Building and maintaining good customer relations is not only a matter of providing great handyman services or offering competitive prices. In fact, a major part of creating a good rapport with your customers is being personable throughout your dealings with them. Including a thank-you note in your invoices will go a long way toward leaving a good impression on your customers. Keep in mind these simple gestures can generate more business for you as more people refer you to friends and family and leave positive reviews online.

Handyman Invoicing Is Easy With Skynova

As you surely know from your own experience, handyman work can be difficult and time-consuming. As a consequence, the last thing you need when running your business is to deal with the various time-consuming tasks such as financial and administrative tasks, which take up time and prevent you from focusing on your core work. Fortunately, online solutions like Skynova's accounting software and invoice template take many of these tasks off your hands.

If you are ready to create your first handyman invoice, head over to Skynova and try the invoice template right now!

Notice to the Reader

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